AK Fight Blog: Countdown to March 19 (Week 5)

Doomsday Clock

The AK fight blog series is a weekly journal from the fan community featuring a behind the scenes look at "AK" as he prepares for his third professional fight on March 19, 2011. Click here if you missed week four.

Weeks until fight night: Three
Current weight: 151 lbs.
Bout weight: 140 lbs.

Here we are, one week closer to my fight.

Saturday: 9:00 A.M: Wake up, feeling very anxious to go to the gym. I feel good this morning, ready to go! Eat a breakfast of oatmeal with honey and some whole-wheat toast smeared with organic peanut butter, along with my daily supplements of course. Relax for a little bit, watch my "UFC Best of 2007" DVD then head to the gym.

11:00 A.M: Get to the gym. Start things off with three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing, followed by 10 minutes of jumping rope. Then I hit the treadmill and run hard on an incline for three, six-minute rounds. After my run, I hit the heavy bag for another three rounds.

This is followed by:

Three sets of 10 box jumps.
Three sets of 10 dumbell squats.
Three sets of 10 dumbell lunges.
Three sets of 50 calf presses (light weight, about 180lbs, just bouncing the weight up with my toes).
Three sets of 10 weighted rows.
Three sets of 15 back presses.
Three sets of 10 hanging full-body curls.
Three sets of 10 lat pull-downs.

1:00 P.M: Head home and have a chicken and spinach wrap with some cottage cheese and green tea. Feels great to be training again. Shower up, grab the girlfriend and jump in the car to drive to the next town over and visit my folks and my niece and nephew. Always good to see the family.

3:30 P.M: Eat a protein bar.

6:00 P.M: Dinner is a spinach, lettuce, chicken and blackberry salad with some cashews and a blackberry vinaigrette. Not bad.

9:30 P.M: Get home, drink some green tea, eat a handful of blueberries and read a few pages of "The Fighters Mind" by Sam Sheridan. Good read, check it out if you haven't.

11:00 P.M: Bed. All-around good day.

Sunday: 9:00 A.M: Wake up, feeling good but a little stiff. Taking a week off then working out kinda hard will do that to you. The injury feels good though. Eat a breakfast of an egg-white and salsa wrap and my supplements.

11:00 A.M: Eat a mix of granola, raisins and almonds then head to the gym. Start things off in the usual way, three five-minute rounds of shadowboxing. Then I start the rest of my workout with some ab work:

Three sets of 15 weighted oblique crunches.
Nine minutes worth of planks, both standard and oblique, one minute each, three sets.
Three sets of 20 weighted incline sit-ups.
Three sets of 10 Russian twists.

A 25-minute 6k on the rower.
100 kicks on the heavy bag, each leg.
10 full-court sprints.
Three sets of 15 plyo push-ups.
Three sets of 10 dumbell bench presses.
Three sets of 10 standing cable flys.
Three sets of 10 kettlebell swings.

1:00 P.M: Go home, eat lunch of a chicken breast and broccoli. Watch tape of my opponent and visualize how I'm going to dismantle him. The more I watch tape, the more I see things I can capitalize on. Is it fight day yet?

3:00 P.M: Eat a snack of a couple rice cakes smeared with organic peanut butter. Read a little bit, do some laundry, and watch a few episodes of Man vs. Food. That guy has no idea how lucky he is. I'd love to have that job. I vow to find an awesome pulled pork recipe and eat me some sandwiches after the fight.

5:30 P.M: Dinner is a chicken, lettuce and spinach salad with an asiago vinaigrette. Very tasty.

8:00 P.M: Eat a mix of blueberries and blackberries and some granola. Wash it down with green tea, and do some reading.

11:00 P.M: Bed.

Monday: 7:00 A.M: Wake up feeling pretty awesome. Eat a breakfast of oatmeal with some honey and granola mixed in, take my daily supplements, head to work.

9:30 A.M: Snack of dried blueberries, cranberries and pomegranate seeds.

12:30 P.M: Lunch of a turkey and spinach sandwich on whole-grain bread, carrot sticks, and green tea.

4:00 P.M: Snack of rasins, almonds and dried apricots.

5:00 P.M: Go home, run some errands, then go back home for a dinner of a spinach, lettuce and chicken salad.

8:00 P.M: Pack my bag to head to sparring practice. Very excited to get some sparring and technique work in since it's been like a week since I've done any of that. Just as I'm walking out the door, I get a text message. The gym's electricity went down and we have no idea when it's gonna be coming back up. Great. We make plans to hold sparring practice on Wednesday to make up for missing today and I head out to a different gym to do the following strength and conditioning drills:

Three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing.
Three, five-minute rounds on the heavy bag.
Three sets of 15 gorilla-grip pull-ups.
Three sets of 8 incline bench press.
Three sets of 10 weighted rows.
30 Ninja drops to jump squats.
Three sets of 15 tricep dips.
Three sets of bicep cable-curls.
Three sets of 15 back presses.

10:00 P.M: Go home, shower up, drink a protein shake and watch some Family Guy. Every now and then I like to do something to take my mind off the fight. It's always in the back of my mind, but it's nice to get it out of the front of my mind once in a great while. It's gonna happen, but sometimes I make myself restless thinking about it and wanting it to come faster.

11:30 P.M.: Bed.

Tuesday: 7:00 A.M: Wake up, feeling sore. But in a good way, you know? Breakfast is oatmeal, honey and granola again. Off to work.

10:00 A.M: Snack is a protein bar.

12:30 P.M: Lunch is a chicken sandwich on whole-grain bread with spinach. Grapes on the side.

3:30 P.M: Snack is a few of those tiny little oranges that are real easy to peel...Clementines? Something like that.

6:00 P.M: Go home, chill for a little bit, play some UFC Undisputed 2010 on my Xbox, then head to the gym.

Gym workout:

Three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing.
30 minutes of running, decent pace but not a sprint. Not a jog either.
Three sets of 20 plyo push-ups.
Three sets of 10 kettlebell swings.
Three sets of 15 underhand grip pull-ups.
Three sets of 10 hanging full-body oblique curls (10 both sides=one set).

Took it kind of easy tonight, like I said I am pretty sore but in a good way.

7:30 P.M: Get home and eat a dinner of chicken breasts and broccoli.

9:00 P.M: Snack on a rice cake with peanut butter and green tea as I watch my copy of UFC 71 and try not to cry. I firmly believe that hook was the punch that started "The Iceman's" fall.

11:00 P.M: Bed.

Wednesday: 7:00 A.M: Wake up, shower and eat a breakfast of a fruit salad. Apples, blackberries, blueberries, raisins and granola. Not bad. Of course, I take the daily supplements as well.

10:00 A.M: Snack is a banana and a granola bar.

12:30 P.M: Lunch is a turkey and spinach wrap, with some mini rice cakes and blackberries.

3:00 P.M: Eat a protein bar for a snack.

5:00 P.M: Head home, back up my equipment and head out to sparring practice (to make up for Monday's lost one).

6:00 P.M: Get to the gym and we do some specific game-plan stuff. Lots of rounds of pad work, working specific combos and movement I'll be using in the fight. This is followed by a 15-minute grappling session, working standing up against the cage and on the ground against the cage.

8:00 P.M: Get home, drink a protein shake and eat a small spinach salad. Watch an episode of "The Office," read some more Sun Tzu, do some boring housework stuff.

10:30 P.M: Bed.

Thursday: Feeling real good this morning. 7:00 A.M: Wake up, eat my standard oatmeal with honey and granola, followed by my supplements. Head out the door, off to work.

10:00 A.M: Snack on some greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter.

12:30 P.M: Lunch today is a turkey, lettuce and tomato wrap with a side of cottage cheese.

3:00 P.M: Snack is a granola bar and an apple.

5:00 P.M: Get home, get my sparring gear ready and just relax on the couch while catching up on some reading.

7:00 P.M: Eat a chicken breast with a side of spinach and some dried apricots.

8:00 P.M: Head to practice. Tonight's practice goes awesome. We warm-up with some shadowboxing and swimming (pummeling, not like in a pool, obviously), then work some quarter reversals for when our opponent has our back, but is keeping side control instead of sinking hooks in. We work a flow from reversal, to side control, to mount, to locking in a submission, to passing to side control yet again to finish the submission.

This is followed by five rounds of sparring. I feel awesome during sparring, working everything I plan to do in the fight. My cardio feels real good, my combinations were landing smoothly, my movement was good.

After sparring, its time for what we call "Death Circuit." This sounds rather easy, but trust me it's not. The circuit consists of seven exercises. Each exercise is done in sets of six and you do as many of the exercise as you can in 20 seconds. You are constantly going as hard as you can go throughout this whole drill. So, first round is push-ups. As many push-ups as you can do in 20 seconds, then a 10 second break. Repeat. Repeat again for a total of six rounds of push-ups. Moving on to the next exercise...get it? All the exercises were the following:

Jump Squats
Jumping Lunges
Jab-Cross shadowboxing burnouts
Bicycle crunches
High Knees
Muay Thai Knees (partner up, grab the clinch, then throw knees to your opponent holding pads)

The end of this has me tired, but still feeling great. I cant wait to fight.

10:30 P.M: Go home, shower up, drink a protein shake and head to bed.

Friday: 7:00 A.M: Wake up and breakfast is a bowl of Special K Fruit and Yogurt. Delicious. Off to work...

10:00 A.M: Snack on a couple of those little oranges again.

12:00 P.M: Eat a lunch of a chicken, ham, lettuce and spinach wrap with a side of carrots and some blackberries.

3:00 P.M: Granola bar and an orange for a snack.

5:00 P.M: Go to the gym, where I will do the following:

Three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing.
Three, five-minute rounds of jumping rope.
Three, five-minute rounds on the stationary bike, as hard as I can go.
Three sets of overhand pull ups, each set until failure.
Three sets of tricep extensions.
Three sets of dumbbell bench presses, light weight, until failure.
Three sets of weighted rows.
Three sets of 10 squats.
Three sets of 10 box jumps.
25 ninja drops to jump squats.

This week was the polar opposite of last week. I felt great all week and am getting more and more anxious to fight. It's gotten to the point where I have to force myself to do something to take my mind off the fight. I've pictured the competition so many times, played out so many different scenarios, there is nowhere this fight can go that I haven't thought about and mentally prepared for.

My weight is doing fine, though it could be a pound or two less. I want to be at 145 by the Thursday before weigh-ins, and cut five pounds of water the day of.

I'm thinking about doing a video blog of my weight cut and the weigh-ins.

Thanks for reading Maniacs, as always, throw out any suggestions or questions in the comments section and I'll be happy to address them!

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