A night of upsets at Tachi Palace: #1 Flyweight Jussier "Formiga" da Silva and Champ Ulysses Gomez upset


California based promotion Tachi Palace has flown under the radar in terms of signing some of the best fighters in the world. Most likely because their signings have taken place in the often forgotten flyweight division. Friday night was just another night in which Tachi Palace fights would offer the MMA world a night of world class flyweight fights.

Those of you not familiar with the flyweights and want a little background as to the whose who of the division are including two of the participants in this fight card refer to my fanpost I did some time back.

In the main event promotion champion and highly ranked Ulysses Gomez (7-1) would take on fellow flyweight Darrell Montague (8-1) in a title bout. Montague would dominate the fight earning the unanimous decision with all judges scoring the bout 50-45. With the win Montague goes on now as the Tachi Palace flyweight champion and will in all likelihood face Ian McCall in the near future.

The grappling based Gomez would find no success in his takedowns throughout the course of the fight and was battered early and often with punches and kicks from Montague. It was evident very early that Montague's striking was far superior to Gomez and that would be the difference in the entire fight. Montague used his superior striking to batter Gomez. He displayed very effective body shots and leg kicks that took the power and wind out of any possible grappling advantage that Gomez might have had.

The one dimensional nature of Gomez really cost him the fight as Montague was sprawling and avoiding all clinch work. It will be interesting to see how Montague handles the stiff tests he will have ahead of him.

The number one flyweight in the world is upset, read more after the jump


In the nights co-main event Tachi Palace fights the number one ranked flyweight in the world Jussier "Formiga" da Silva (9-0) would take on WEC veteran Ian McCall (8-2) in a number one contender bout for the promotions title. The top ranked "Formiga" had been the promotions most prominent signing and was clearly favored to become the promotions champion. McCall had other plans.

Ian McCall had already been established as a veteran who has fought for the biggest North American promotion for fighters 145 pounds and below. He left the WEC with a 1-2 records with losses against Charlie Valencia and current Zuffa/UFC/Former WEC champion Dominick Cruz. His victory came against Coty "Ox" Wheeler.

"Formiga" dominated the first round. Some have argued the round was close to being a "10-8" round. "formiga" had back mount for several minutes of the first round fighting for a rear naked choke nearly the entire time. In the early goings when the fight hit the mat "formiga" locked McCall into a tight body traingle and threatened from there to end the round. However, the fight would quickly turn around.

In the next two rounds the underdog McCall would use a nice speedy striking arsenal to throw "Formiga" off of his game. Using quick combinations and very elusive footwork McCall was able to take the second and third rounds. The 26 year old McCall also showed quality takedown defense stuffing takedowns to keep the fight standing. He wore "formiga" down in the clinch as well and when he slowed, McCall turned it up a notch and landed clean and effective shots to the head and body.

The bout showed that the former undefeated "Formiga" still had alot of holes in his game. Despite have very high level grappling and jiu jitsu he showed that if you stuff his takedowns he is some what one dimensional. With the win McCall will be right in line for a title fight with Darrell Montague in the near future.

Tachi Palace Fights offered yet another great night for fans of the flyweight division. 

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