Important things Maniacs need to address

Random thoughts going through my head. This is not a quality post where you will learn submissions or get tips for your diet. But dammit, these things need to be addressed.

Where is Sam Hoger???


After all, the problem was he was ALREADY going to give the stuff back.


New Jersey's IZOD center.

Does this venue win for coolest name? I think we should all KNEEL before entering.


Ok aintnosunshine, who are you?

I am sick of these little hints and games, what's the big deal?

Are you in this one?



...Or maybe this one? You fight at a lighter weight, right?


Should Garry shaw return to MMA?

He predicted a long time ago that if Antonio Silva ever faced Fedor, he would win.

We laughed, we scoffed.


Whatever he says about Kimbo, I will never doubt again. And Holland should hand over the reigns to the NEW Nostradumbass.


When is Mania going to step up?

I have been playing in Mac's damn pool for what feels like years, and have always thought at some point a staff member would announce the winner would at least get a freaking tshirt for the loyalty. Come on now.



I feel a bit better now. It's all out there. The relief is overwhelming. The voices in my head have been silenced...for now.






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