Keyboard warriors, ITS YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!

MMA Needs YOU!



Be Heard!


In case you missed it, mmamania promoted an article this morning detailing possible hidden motives of NY Assemblyman Bob Reilly's strong stance against the legalization of MMA  in New York.  Check it out here.  The long and the short is that his second largest personal contributor came from "Unite Here", a hotel union that has taken on the Fertitta brothers and Station Casinos as bitter rivals.  Unite Here also has nine unions in New York State.

I know all of us who post on these sites do so hoping that we can influence the course of future events, even if just in a small way.  Maybe Dana and Joe Silva skim through these and just maybe they are persuaded by our ideas that we are so passionate about.  But the truth is its rare if ever that this happens because Zuffa is a private company and they can do anything they want.  They have all the power, we have almost none.

However, this is a fan's ultimate opportunity to make a real difference!  Thats right Warriors, suit up and get to writing emails, twits, facebook messages, make phone calls, hell send a telegram to Bob Reilly. Do anything you can to spam Mr. Reilly's office.  Tell him how MMA can make New York tens millions of dollars and as a result of his backward policies you will donate to his competition in the future.  Tell him you've never voted for an Assemblyman before but you will make an exception to get him outed.  Tell him you wont put up with politics over what is best for the state.  I have done a lot of work with politicians and they do make decisions based on hatemail if it gets bad enough.  If he believes he is hurting his chances for reelection with his shady practices, he will bend to public opinion.  At the end of the day, Bob Reilly works for us, not the other way around!

Make your voices heard.  After all, democracy without a vocal public is simply aristocracy!




This man swore to represent us.  Make him live up to that promise.

Here is his contact info:
Phone:  518-813-9631
Location: 469 Albany-Shaker Road Loudonville, NY, 12211

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