Fedor, Dana and context...

Happy Sabbath fellow maniacal ones,


So, the work week is upon us and we are thrust, yet again into a new dimension of mixed martial arts.  Before this weekend, we knew 3 things: 

1.  this Strikeforce Tourney would be epic

2. Fedor would cement his legacy by securing his place in the next stage of the tourney

3. Despite all hope, Arlovski would somehow be able to resurrect his career


In reality, only the first one happened.  And what do we have to show for it? A smug Dana White and his followers crassly soiling the name and legend of a man who in his 35 fights, has only lost 3 times. 

 Now, as a long-time MMA fan, and someone who watched MMA free of the egomaniac that is Dana White, I am pretty angry about the fallout.  It's ok to not like a fighter.  Hell, I hates me a ton of BJ Penn, but I never go out of my way to shit on the guy even when his corner is throwing in the towel on his behalf. 

I don't understand why some people on this site, and MMA in general just cannot bring themselves to remove their "hate" cap for a moment and put things in perspective before they start criticizing an MMA great:

Fedor Emelianenko has had a brilliant career which include stand up wars, freakshow fights, come from behind submissions, and enduring an overall ass-kicking, whether in victory or defeat.  This man has been able to do this while maintaining the physique of a man who most of us feel we could take in a bar fight. 

Fedor is legend.  Period.

Dana White has done a brilliant job of brining MMA along.  However, somewhere along the way, he developed the attitude that he is some sort of god.  Let's remind ourselves of one thing: Dana White, without the Fertittas is nobody.  He owes the chances he has gotten in life to Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta.  The first 2 made him their manager, the last 2 funded his take over of an ALREADY EXISTING company.  I just want to emphasize the fact that Dana White is not the UFC.  The Gracie's are the sole reason this thing was even started.

Granted, it took a lot of drive and hard knocks to turn the UFC into the biggest MMA venue in the world.  Dana White is a successful businessman.  No one can take that away from him.

What no one can take away from him either, is that he lacks any class or tact.  And while there are many on this site who applaud his stupidity on a regular basis, I stand in the opposite corner.  I do not wish to see MMA become wrestling.  I enjoy seeing 2 men compete, and embrace or shake hands in congratulations afterwards.  The sport has enough of a bad rep. It does not need a ring master spurring along the circus of arrogance, calousness and disrespect. 

Again, there will be those of you on here who will tell me I'm a fool, or that I just don't understand the genius of Dana White.  What I say to you is this:  how is it that a man who does not speak English, breaks the bones of opponents, pours his blood, sweat and tears into a sport he loves is more classy and gracious then a man who runs his own business?  To all of you who worship Dana White and crap on Fedor, I say I will never be like you.

That said, this is a free forum, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Cheers maniacs, and have a good work week.


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