Bas Rutten - "What planet does Seagal live on?

Bas Rutten shares his thoughts (via twitter) on Steven Seagal apparently teaching Andeson Silva the infamous front kick. Rutten tweets:

Never ever seen this, wow, haha

From now on, that's the weapon to watch out for from Silva, almost no hip movement so u couldn't tell it was coming 

Seagal now claiming he taught Silva that kick? And he REALLY believes this? wow, again, WOW! 

I bet u he really believes what he says, its the funniest thing ever, EVER! 

thought it was a skit first, like Saturday night live, but then realized it's not. "He contacted me to teach me deadly stuff", Haha, tears! 

He taught him a front kick to the face? he invented that? Nobody else knows this kick yet? What planet does he live on? OK, lets NEVER talk about this again, lets NOT do this, I WILL address it ONCE on Inside MMA though, but that's it. Party on! 

I saw Ariel having a smirk on his face, that's why I really thought it was a joke, I am not kidding, Inside MMA is coming up! Hahahaha!! 

This is pretty funny stuff coming El Guapo himsefl. I first heard the criticism from Bas on a Canadian sports station (either TheScore, or Sportsnet) which had an audio clip of Rutten talking about Seagal's claims. Rutten was literally cracking up laughing and openly mocking Seagal for even thinking that he could create a front kick from a Thai discipline that has been around for hundreds of years. Im trying to find the audio, but not having much luck!

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