The Decision:Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum-Nov 7th, 2009

Date:Nov 7 2009

Event: Strikeforce:Fedor vs. Rogers

Where:Sears Centre (Hoffman Estates, Illnois)

Outcome:Werdum defeats Silva via  Unanimous Decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


 The bout featured two uprising talents of MMA in the heavyweight ranks. Undefeated Antonio "BigFoot" Silva, a massive specimen was taking on 2009 ADCC  99kg+: Champion Fabricio Werdum.

 Werdum, was coming off a 2-2 record in the UFC and a win over Mike Kyle. Silva, was coming off wins of Jim York and Yoshiro Nakao.The interesting part was that both are massive heavyweights and hold black belts in the art of BJJ which is not very common.

 On the line was Silva moving closer to a title shot and for Werdum an oppitunity to defeat a heavyweight high in Strikeforce's eyes.. The incoming favorite was Silva because, of his ground game and brute force.


Round 1&2

Round 2&3



My Score: 10-9 Antonio Silva

The 1st round was a stand up feeling out process with some nice combos. Silva, got Werdum on his back 3 times but, couldn't capitalize his ground n pound at all. Werdum, has a nice combo but, through ineffective high kicks. Werdum, had some moments of control by pressing Silva against the cage but, Silva was in no harm.


Round 2

My Score: 10-9 Werdum

The 2nd round was all Werdum as he used his striking to eventually get control and pull Silva to the ground. Silva being a black belt was able to get out of most submission attempts and to his feet. Silva, had lackluster striking in this round and could not time his power shots.


Round 3

My Score: 10-9 Werdum

Werdum was the more active fighter with two takedowns and some decent muay thai work. The length of the fight clearly got to BigFoot as he slowed down. The two takedowns by Werdum led to some pitter patter hammer strikes that created no opening for a sub. The round was overall a bit of a yawn. I gave the nod in this round to Werdum but when i first saw it live, i liked Silva.

Winner by split decision Fabricio Werdum


 Fabricio Werdum went on to beat legendary Fedor via triangle choke while, Antonio Silva defeated former UFC heavyweight champions Andrei Arlovski and Mike Kyle.

 Both men are in the 2001 Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Werdum is taking on Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem in the opening round while, Antonio Silva gets his shot at upset against Fedor. The two could decide one side of the bracket if both pull upsets.


Thanks for reading and hope you can add some input on the next decision to be re-discussed or this one itself.


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