UFC 140 contest giveaway with Round 5 and MMAmania.com!

Here we go again!

We're back with another contest thanks to our great friends at Round 5 -- the high end retailer responsible for mixed martial arts' most recognizable collectible figurines and merchandise -- to get us even more pumped up for the blockbuster UFC 140 event up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this weekend.

What's on the line this time?

None other than the entire "Ultimate Collector" Series 8, which is anchored by a Championship Edition Jon Jones that commemorates his historic victory over Mauricio Rua at UFC 128, and a Championship Edition Georges St. Pierre that honors the recently-injured Canadian’s victory over Matt Serra to regain his title at UFC 83.

That's not all.

Series 8 also includes a new version of former heavyweight titleholder Brock Lesnar, and Round 5 debut figures for reigning featherweight champion Jose Aldo, and heavyweight contender Roy Nelson.

What do you have to do to win? It's simple … follow us after the jump for complete details:

The main event at UFC 140 between Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida appears, on paper, to be a technical enigma.

"Bones" is long, able to pick apart his opponents from a distance, while Machida is ghostly, carefully floating in and out of exchanges with Ninja-like precision. So who is going to land the most strikes and do the most damage through five rounds of action (if it goes that far)?

Well, that's where you come in.

STEP ONE: Become a FAN at the official ROUND 5 FACEBOOK Fan Page by clicking here OR follow it on Twitter if you don't already.

STEP TWO: Predict (in the comments section below) which fighter will land the most power strikes, as well as who will land the most total strikes throughout the 205-pound bout. That's two numbers you need to provide: Total Power Strikes Landed and Total Strikes Landed.

For a complete pre-fight breakdown we encourage you to visit CompuStrike, which compiled a comprehensive report on the averages for both fighters heading into their championship clash.

That's it. Two answers, one winner, zero points for second place. Be sure to get your answers in as soon as possible -- the contest ends at 10 p.m. ET on Sat., Dec. 10, 2011. One submission per Maniac; therefore, make it count.

Good luck!

Remember, too, you can find "Ultimate Collector" Series 8 at FYE stores in the United States and Walmart and Zellers in Canada -- they make great gifts for the holidays!

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