Bellator signs War Machine, again


Bellator signs John Koppenhaver err War Machine, Again

Bellator announces they have signed the polarizing fighter War Machine (12-4) to compete in it's upcoming sixth season.

War Machine originally signed with Bellator but was cut before the promotion had a single show. War Machine made some rather controversial comments about current President Barack Obama.

A former 'Ultimate Fighter' contestant who went 1-1 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was cut shortly after making comments regarding Evan Tanner's death and refusing a fight with relative unknown fighter Brandon Wolff.

A year off acting in pornography,fighting porn stars at a party and using Twitter as his 'pipe bomb' he would be arrested for felony assault and spent a year in the slammer.

War Machine was released this past July and would face former UFC lightweight Roger Huerta at welterweight. War Machine would win by TKO over the former Sports Illustrated cover boy after the 17 month incarceration. War Machine is now 7-2 since being released by the UFC.

After the jump more from War Machine on his fresh opportunity

War Machine seems to have changed his script since spending time in the porn industry, jail and not using his talents for over 17 months prior to the Huerta fight.

Here is what he had to say:

"My past has kind of shaped and molded who I've become, but the mistakes I've made in the past have definitely made me realize that I have to avoid certain situations in order to be the type of person I want to be," War Machine stated. "I pressed rewind, and now I have a chance to get my life back on track. It feels great.

Not everyone gets this kind of opportunity. I'm just stoked to be back in the mix here with Bellator. I didn't get released from Bellator because I sucked. I got released because I was making poor decisions in my life. Right now I'm just out to show the world that I do belong here fighting the best with Bellator."

Sounds like a different man, no?

Nobody will question the past 3 to 4 years of War Machine's ideas of what right and wrongs is without an raised eyebrow but maybe hitting rock bottom helped the troubled fighter. We have seen friends and family members revitalize themselves after such falls

The ones we have seen and not get back on track we wish they had. It be nice to see War Machine get his stuff together as he has shown to be a talented fighter and not just a man who enjoys 'upper deckers' as seen on the sixth season of the Ultimate Fighter.

Can he do it Maniac's?

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