Anti Brock Movement Wants You!!!


This is a response to Deuce's Pain Train thread, which is a betrayal of all things good and holy in MMA...

I have decided to offer an alternative to the Pain Train

But first, a recap of the Pain Train's idol :

It has been a long time since we have heard from Brock, right?

I saw that Brock "wrote" a book. Despite being over 200 pages, I understand that it managed to be monosyllabic from cover to cover. Congrats!

Rumor has it that Brock got his inspiration to become an author based on a gift from former UFC Champ, Cain Velasquez.

What was next for Brock after conquering the literary world?

Reality TV, of course!

DW - Ok, Brock, you ain't going back to the WWE and facing The Undertaker. You fucking appear on TUF, make Ken Shamrock look like the next Greg Jackson and pretend that you are actually going to face JDS. The Kimbo Slice fans will eat it up like so much cum in their collective sushi. Make me some money, motherfucker!

Brock - Let me think of something inspirational to say to the poor bastards that are stuck with me. I think I should close my eyes to focus my mouth breathing is it a chicken shits on a salad or choking my chicken until I shit?

Alas, Brock had a bout of diverticu-Idon'twantJDStobeatmyass. No resolution for the TUF Main Event. But DW thanks you for getting him another 6 figure sports car, Zuffa Zombies lemmings!

FAST FORWARD to 12/2011-

Meat Head against Horse Meat:

IF you -

* Like Overeem then ABM is for you

* Dislike Brock then ABM is for you

* Dislike WWE antics in MMA then ABM is for you


Pain Train =


Vote Now!

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