Did Brock Lesnar lose because he wasn't what we wanted?

Is there something to be said about fate of Brock Lesnar's career on this gloomy night in Las Vegas?

Did that last body kick by Overeem land right into Lesnar's sweet spot of his diseased torso?

Or did the spirit of hardcore MMA fans steer that powerful kick right where we wanted it?

Or was Brock Lesnar defeated because he just wasn't what we wanted?

Maybe some men aren't made to be MMA fighters.
Despite what many fans will say about Brock's short but powerful and exciting "foray" into the world of MMA.... He was a true champion.
The former WWE champion that we all wanted to see get destroyed in his first UFC/MMA match did the unthinkable.
He came barreling into the UFC with a unimpressing 1-0 record! He was fed straight to the wolves of the UFC's heavyweight division, and after a quick hiccup coming by way of a leg lock by Frank Mir...
Lesnar destroyed his next oppenets in devastating fashion.
Even though many of us MMA loyalists will always have an excuse for each of his wins, Brock Lesnar was an MMA fighter. Not an MMA poser.

So how will the career of Brock Lesnar be remembered? Will most of us say he was just a freak show that was finally exposed...
Or will we give the man the respect he deserves for paving the way for future heavyweights of the UFC/MMA by proving that with just a pure amatuer wrestling pedigree (ie: Daniel Cormier) you can make a significant impact on your respected division?

So in the end the question will always remain... what was Brock Lesnar?

An MMA freak show? Or a decorated MMA fighter that could have accomplished more in MMA had he started training MMA right out of college?

I will always remember him no matter what people say, and maybe all that's what really counts in the end...

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