MMAmania fantasy football championship round recap -- UPDATED: The General wins the title

The MMAmania fantasy football league is almost finished. The championship game is underway with just one game left on the NFL schedule in tonight's Saints vs. Falcons match-up. And it has major implications on the title game. Here's the score as it stands now.

The General -- 149 (Roddy White)

DetroitDrew1980 -- 165

The championship game all comes down to whether Roddy White can hit his projection tonight against the Saints in New Orleans. I'm currently down 16 points and White is projected to score 18. Not that the projections mean much of anything, of course, but there it is. In the event that he scores 16 and we tie, based on the tiebreaker, I would win. So really, White just needs to score 16 this week. That's no easy task but for an elite receiver like White, who scored 35 points last week to help get me to the title game, it's not impossible.

Either way, Drew was a beast all year. This would be a crazy comeback if I end up pulling it off and I have Aaron Rodgers -- and the garbage Chicago Bears defense -- to thank for even having a chance. Going into last nights game between the Packers and Bears, I was down 165-107 with just Rodgers and White left to play. Rodgers went 21-29 for 283 yards and 5 TDs. In our league, that's 42 points.


Almost every one of Drew's boys showed up the way they were supposed to, except for Steve Smith. This felt like it was always going to be a victory for Drew. Everything seemed to be going his way. Victor Cruz was held in check all day against the Jets ... oh, except for the fact that he scored that 99 yard touchdown. That's happened about 7 times in the fucking history of the NFL. Drew also got a touchdown out of Miles Austin with about 10 seconds left in the Eagles vs. Cowboys game ... when it didn't matter and the Cowboys were totally out of it. It was the true definition of a garbage time touchdown that didn't help anyone ... except Drew. He also had great match-ups like the Pittsburgh defense against the lowly St. Louis Rams. The Steelers pitched a 27-0 shutout.

On my side, Willis McGahee had a touchdown called back and only ended up with 6 points. Antonio Gates had a couple 20-yard catches called back because of dumb penalties (stupid Chargers). Brandon Pettigrew, my backup tight end, rode the pine and scored 23 points. I even picked up the Denver defense thinking they had a juicy match-up against the Bills. They went out and recorded just one sack and surrendered 28 points. That's good for a goose egg. 0 points scored. Meanwhile the Dallas defense languished on my bench with 5 points. Had I played Pettigrew and Dallas, this game is already over and I'm the winner, no matter what Roddy White does.

Alas, we'll sweat it out tonight. Just the way it should be in a fantasy football title game.

In other, much brighter, news, we have a 3rd place winner.

ViolentMike -- 130

Buster Bluth -- 135

After talking all that shit about how he was so great and "hot at the right time," not only did Mike get beat in the second round of the playoffs by a far superior team in Drew, he couldn't even beat Buster to win 3rd place. Mike is the Rex Ryan of fantasy football. Had just enough success to mouth off but when it mattered, he came up short. Like Brandon Jacobs said, "it's time to shut the fuck up."

In closing, go Roddy go.


Roddy White came through with what I needed him to, hauling in 11 catches for 127 yards. That's good for 23 fantasy points, which makes this the final score in the championship game:

The General -- 172

DetroitDrew1980 -- 165

What an awesome game and a great way to end a great season. There was no doubt all along that Drew and I had the best teams, even if that douche ViolentMike tried as hard as he could to convince everyone otherwise just because he had one game with a score over 200 points. Did I mention he lost two straight to close the year?

You were never on my level, kid, don't ever try to act like it.

That ends the Fantasy Football League. It was good playing with 11 of you and I won't mention the other (who is gone next year, thank god). See you folks, next year, where I vow to defend my freshly won title. And seeing as Drew demonstrated drafting skills as good as anyone I've seen in some time, I expect to see him in a third straight title game. (Cue Mike trying to sell everyone on the fact he drafted Cam Newton early.)

Until next season, folks.


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