Friday Fun Thread-XMAS Special

So it is almost Christmas and half 90% havent bought gifts, not even for our 'significant other'. We have been two busy checking out all the liquor deals and doing sacrifices for our respective heavyweight godss, Lesnar or Overeem. Jesse banned ABB as a sacrifice to Alistair Overeem to re-up his undying passion for Holland's only black son.

Now were all expecting gifts but we don't deserve any and sorry to spoil it Geno, you didn't get a Dick Butkis jersey or a Rex Grossman bobblehead like you asked.

For others i go you these (It's in the mail)

DetroitDrew, a Lions head for your moped...keep Detroit safe
Newfie3: I can't get you anything, you have the SEXIEST WOMAN TO EVER LIVE
Ulf Murphy: I got you an original copy of Dante's Inferno from when you were a kid
ANS: I got you a 'Mean 1' Keith Jardine shirt
ViolentMike: I got you...ummm a nice Affliction shirt that reads 'ViolentMike' with skulls and flames and hot latin booty devils
Scottidog: A beard comb
Nick Diaz usernames alike: A spankin brand new track suit for your dope track meets
The Pride: I got you Pride 34, the best pride ever
Choro: I got you a best of fedor by Dana has three fights selected by Dana White.
Duece02: I got you witness protection, new name Deuxe.02

Oh and MMAmania i give you this:


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