Greatest Troll Jobs: My interview with the fake Junie Browning

Hay guys it's Diaz's Mean Mug up in here. I got the chance to conduct an interview with the now proven, "fake Junie". I debated even posting this, but i thought some of you might get a laugh out of it. So here it goes guys, be gentle in the comments please this is just for fun.

Mean Mug: Ok Junie, befor we start i just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview with me.

Fake Junie: No problem, but for the sake of Mania and this interview you can call me by my real name. Mike.

Mean Mug: Ok Mike. So one question in and you confirm that you are in fact, not Junie Browning.

Fake Junie: That is correct

Mean Mug: Ok Mike, the question everbody wants to know, what compelled you to creat a screen name on Mania and write what is possibly one of the biggest troll jobs Mania has ever seen?

Fake Junie: Well Mean Mug, it goes like this. I have been posting on Mania for quite some time now, and though i have been an active poster and helped the commuity any way I could with my knowledge of the fight game, and people would still doubt my knowledge of MMA in general. Ive done so much for this website. I have been in all of your FFB, and all other types of competitions and have done very well for myself. That should be enough to earn everyones respect, but it hasnt. And that pisses me off so much that it has effected my day to day life. It is always on my brain and it causes me to be very angry and just a mean person in general. i wanted to get back at them. All of them.

Mean Mug: Wow, thats a lot to take in. So you also admit to being a long time poster on Mania, and you have been a longstanding particapant in all of the leagues as well?

Fake Junie: Yes

Mean Mug: Ok, are you willing to share your real screen name to everyone and just come clean so everyone can stop guessing?

Fake Junie: No I dont think that would be wise. I have two family members that love to post on here and are aslo well respected posters. I would not want to ruin that for them.

Mean Mug: Ok Mike, next question. What made you choose Junie Browning as the person for your epic troll job?

Fake Junie: I choose junie because of all the hate this guy recieved on the junie threads that i wanted to pretend to be junie so i could get some of the people that were shitting on Junie to suck all over his nuts.

Mean Mug: And how do you think your plan worked? Are you satisfyed with the results?

Fake Junie: Yes. I am beyond happy at the results. The best part was when i got Duece to slob all over Junie's nuts so hard that other posters had to pry his mouth off of them when they began to worry. Many other posters that were shitting on Junie were also seen with junie's man juice on their chin.

Mean Mug: So your goal was to make people drool over junie, when just a couple days ago they were throwing him to the wolves. I must say, i am immpressed with your trolling skills but i must say that other posters might not think the same way. Do you ever plan on outting yourself to the community?

Fake Junie: Probably not because it could effect the way other posters percieve me and my two family members on this site, and i would not want that.

Mean Mug: Do you have any more epic troll jobs lined up, or is this more of a one and done?

Fake Junie: I have more lined up and was going to post one today, but my relatives on here suggested that it would be too much and it would devalue the troll job i did yesterday.

Mean Mug: Ok that about wraps it up. Is there anything you would like to say to the community befor we end this and you slither back into the shadows and come back as your regular screen name?

Fake Junie: Yes their is. Just becuase you dont agree with me ob everything does not mean you have to be a dick. So what that im better than you at fantasy Football and picking fights. Just be nice to everyone. You never know when some crazy person is gonna make you have man love for a fighter you've hated since he was on TUF. To the guys who didnt fall for it, good job. And to Duece, your ass is mine.

Mean Mug: LOL seems like u had it out for duece. Well that concludes this episode of Greatest Troll Jobs, join me the next time. If their is an Epic Troll Job, i will get to the bottom of it. Let the shit talk begin.

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