I'm not as guitly as you think I am

As many of you may know, I am currently trying to find my way back into the states. This journy has been very hard on me becuase of the inccedent that occured in a bar that my girlfriend and i were patrons at. I know many of you have heard multiple sides to what actually happened at this bar, and i just want to clear some things up and give Mania my account straight from the horses mouth. Follow me after the jump to hear my story as it happend (or as i remeber).

Ok here we go. Since I did TUF i have gained somewhat of a following. This is not good by any means because when i say "following", i mean there are a lot of people that want to see bad things happen to me. TUF portrayed me in a very bad light. Producers of the show knew that i can sometimes get out of hand, emotional, or sometimes both when i drink alchohol. This did not stop them from litteraly feeding me booze every chance they could get behind the scenes. Sure i acted a fool, but thats exactly what Spike TV wanted me to do, in fact they rewarded me by saying they would throw money at me for everytime i would get drunk. Lets just say i left that house making more money than anyone else did. Once the show ended my life took a turn for the worse. Everytime someone would recognize me at a bar (i spent a lot of time in bars after TUF) they would either talk shit or laugh at me, or think they could kick my ass. As you no im not one to turn down a fight, i was thrown in jail multiple times for fans thinking i was a piece of shit or guys wanting to beat a UFC fighters ass. this caused me a lot of problems in my life, so much that i wanted to get out of the country so no one would recognize me. Enter Phuket.

My time in Thailand was beautiful at first, nobody knew me so it was like starting fresh. i had been given a second chance to start over in a place that seemed so wonderful. Everything was going fine, i was training everyday, my relationship was awesome, and i had not been drinking. The gym i was training at was full of ammy fighters training to make the big times. nobody knew there, and to them i was just some american looking to train and learn from the Thia fighters. That is, until one day, another American started to train there as well. His name was ricky and he told everyone that he was a pro MMA fighter and that he wanted to sharpen up his Muy Thai. I was worried when he first showed up because i was positive he knew who i was and was going to tell everyone and it would be like America all over again.

I introduced myself and he acted like he did not know who i was. This made me very happy. About a week later we were sparring and i was paired up with Ricky and we began going at it. This is when things started going downhill. usually we only spar at %50, but the shots Ricky was hitting me with were leaving me rocked and almost out. There came a point were one of the trainers noticed and pulled Ricky aside and warned him about the amount of aggresion he was using. I guess this pissed him off cause very next punch he threw dropped me. I got up and got my bearings back befor restarting. As i was walking twards Ricky to continue, I had the feeling in me that this was a real fight and i was going to take his head off. I ducked an slipped a overhand right and connected perfectly with a right high kick that left him snorring, litteraly.

Ricky came to an by that time we were all done sparring. He came over to me an started talking about how I should go pro and that he was really impressed with my technique. I was happy becuase i thought i had just made a new enemy, but he was acting cool. So cool that he invited my lady and I out for drinks latetr that night with him and his girl. At this point i had not had a drink in a few months, so i thought it would be ok just this one time. I was wrong.

As the shots went down and my buzz kicked in, Ricky and I started talking about our sparring session. He kept saying that i just got lucky and he could have put me out anytime he wanted. Feeling the liquid courage flowing through me i asked if he wanted to go outside for another session to see if he could put me out, and he said, "no, i already proved i could beat a UFC fighters ass". It hit me like a ton of bricks. He knew who i was. The attitude in the room changed after that and i noticed Ricky talking to the locals now and leaving my girl and I alone. I didnt think anything of it an continued drinking. The next thing i remeber is seeing Ricky with a bottle in his hand walking twards me with about 8 locals with him. Just as i was about to say something to Ricky he breaks a glass bottle on my head and a couple local men grab me as to hold me in place. I cant recall much after that but I was swinging at whoever was closest, but ended up on the ground after a bigger bottle hit me in the head. My girl says it looked like about ten guys were kicking, punching, and throwing bottles at my knocked out body.

When i came to, i was in a hospital and nurses and doctors were trying to get me sewed up. When i realized what happened, i became furious and had to be restrained to the gurney. I was still drunk and out of it because of the mixture of Saki and blood loss, that the first chance i got i attacked a local man that i thought was at the bar. My girl informed me that the guy i attacked was the second guy to hit my head with a bottle. After hearing that i just became irate and started screaming an telling everyone that i was going to burn down that bar and Thialand as well. I was drunk an very upset, but i should not of said that because i guess a friend of the bars owner was there and heard what i was saying.

The next day i recieved a call that the Mafia has put a bounty on my head. The only thing i can think of that would warrant that was me saying i was gonna burn Thailand down in my drunken, half dead rage. This was the most scared i have ever been, not only for my life, but my girlfriends too.

Well, thats all of it i think. I have made arrangments to get back home to my awesome life back in the states (sarcasm). And if you guys still want to hate on me for whatever thats your right to do so, just if you see me on the streets dont be a prick or start a fight im trying to put that life behind me. I read mania all the time, its one of the only MMA sites that i enjoy, so it hurt to see all of you shitting on me, and thats why I have taken the time to tell my side of it all to you and you only. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and hopefully i can change a few of your opinoins on me.

Junie B

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