UFC Fighter Payouts - What is wrong with this picture?


We all know what Bisping made against his fight against a joke of a fighter. $425K!!! I thought I'd compare this to a fighter who was a champ and defending his title - Jon Bones Jones from his UFC 140 match. He made a measly $215K ($70,000 to show, $70,000 win bonus, $75,000 Fight of the Night bonus). Am I the only one who thinks that this is a joke?? Well, lets have a look at some other payouts after.....................

THE JUMP!!!! Yes, we just jumped and now must have landed on our heads as I cannot make out WTF the UFC brass was thinking about at UFC 140 when they paid out Tito for his performance that night.


$450K!!!!! Yes, he was the top dog that night and this is a guy that is at the end of his career. I cannot comprehend why he gets paid that amount as he isn't the huge fan draw that he used to be.

Mir and Big Nog made more than Jones did as they both collected a cool $325K and $250K respectively. Even Machida, in his loss to Jones, took home $250K. Ok, I can comprehend why all of these guys got paid out what they did but in comparison to Bisping, who took out a C level fighter, as I'm still at a loss trying to understand why he gets paid so much other than he is the ticket for sales in the UK. Sure it is a business, but at what expense?

How about UFC 121 where Matt Hamill beat Tito Ortiz and made $58K (which includes $29K win bonus) while Ortiz pocketed $250K. Yes, Ortiz was there to help build up the UFC but c'mon.

UFC 126 - Anderson Silva, # 1 P4P MMA fighter, collects $200K for the win while his opponent, who was used as a door mat, made $275K in defeat. Silva, who won his 8th straight title defense collected less than a guy who had a 19-8 record at the time.

All of the fighters put their butt on the line each night when they fight and also when they train in preparation for the fight. Most of the guys on the undercard made less than $12K as an average (not including KO of the night bonus for Jung) at UFC 140. That is a large disparity between those that have been at the top of the UFC vs those that are on the undercards. Yes, popularity sells but given that this was held in Toronto, Ontario and is only the 2nd UFC event there, they could have had a rematch of Ken Shamrock vs Vernon White as the title fight and it still would have sold out.

It is obvious that politics and favouritism plays a big factor in fighter payouts? When is enough enough? What are your thoughts?


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