The 7 most embarrassing moments in UFC history

There have been many crazy and incredible moments in UFC history, but some of the more memorable ones have been the most embarrassing ones. By embarrassing I mean that it was either painful to watch, a spectacular mistake on the part of one of the fighters, or just overall silly enough for inclusion.

This isn't a comprehensive list, partially because I'm lazy and partially because I came up with this idea in the shower a few minutes ago, but I'm sure I hit a number of the most obvious ones. I also stuck mainly to the modern UFC, which means I left out such embarrassments as the entire first 10 events, including Art Jimmerson's one boxing glove fiasco.

7. Brian Ebersole vs Dennis Hallman at UFC 133, Wardrobe malfunction


As Tyler Deurden said in Fight Club, you know you saw something, even if your brain didn't acknowledge it on a conscious level, and you knew it wasn't good. Seeing Hallman's giblets fall out of his banana hammock was certainly one of the most disturbing scenes in UFC history, and was so mortifying that Dana White made clear that there was a ban on such Shonie Carter specials in the future.

6. Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, backwards walking casual KO


Does this really belong in the list? I think so. After all, it can't be an easy thing to know that a man knocked you out while walking away from you with his hands down and a disinterested and bored look on his face. Especially if you were formerly the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Yes, it's Anderson Silva doing the knocking out, but Good Lord, even Griffin knew it was bad as he literally ran from the arena. He later said in interviews that the Silva fight "broke" him and he's never really been the same fighter.

5. Gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson at TUF Finale 5, Double KO


Dude! Nice KO! Of yourself. The only thing more embarrassing than knocking yourself out is arguing with Joe Rogan, who watched the replay 14 times, that you weren't knocked it and you were only resting. This is the kind of calibre of argument you'd expect from a man pretending to be the "People's Champion." I'm not sure if Maynard ever accepted the fact he was knocked out, but it was one of the weirdest and most embarrassing things I've ever seen.

4. Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 5, KO by devastation


Again, does this really belong here, considering Anderson Silva is a beast? Uh, yeah dude. Did you see the smack talk Chris Leben levied at Silva before the fight? It was Chael Sonnen style, except without the wit, intelligence and humour. Leben suggested he was going to send Silva back to Japan where the fighting's a little easier. Instead he took the single largest beatdown in UFC history for the one minute the fight lasted before the Crippler crumpled into a pile on the floor and piddled himself.

3. Matt Wiman vs Spencer Fisher at UFC 60, KO by Flying Knee


Ok, so the above image resolution shows how bad my copy of UFC 60 is (I'm also dangling my participles, I know). But what you're seeing above is Matt Wiman in the beginning of an ill-advised and ill-timed finger wag, Fabricio Werdum style, before getting a knee to the face. And not just a knee to the face, a flying knee of death that knocked Wiman into lalaland. Note to the kids out there: save your celebrations for after the fight.

2. Dan Miller vs Rousimar Palhares at UFC 134, premature celebration


Rousimar Palhares is a crazy mofo. How do I know? Well, first of all he stops fighting against Nate Marquart so he can get punched in the face and stopped because he was under the delusion that he, and he alone, can stop a fight. Then he does it again at UFC 134 by jumping up onto a fence after hitting Dan Miller a few times in the face. "Hm, that's enough. I better go celebrate now." Dude, get some meds. Or get off your meds. Whichever one works. What's even more amazing is that Dan Miller literally almost knocked out Palhares after the restart, which surely would have been the single most embarrassing moment in UFC history. Instead, I deem it number 2.

1. Randy Couture vs Tito Ortiz at UFC 44, spanking


This one probably will live on in infamy forever more. It was so embarrassing and humiliating to be manhandled for 5 rounds that Ortiz literally wept during the judgement. No man has been spanked in a cage, literally, and gotten away with it except for Couture. Thiago Silva did it against Brandon Vera, but he later tested positive for controlled substance, and anyway it wasn't a playful bum slap like this one, with the perfect timing and perfect compromising situation that it represented. And truly, no man has ever deserved to be spanked more than Tito.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure there are others worthy of filling out a top 10 list. And there are a whole 24 hours before the TUF 14 Finale, so go at Maniacs!

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