Is 'Cyborg' Santos ready to transcend gender?


Strikeforce women's featherweight champion just buzz-sawed another 'elite' featherweight women's fighter in 16 seconds at Strikeforce: 'Melendez vs. Masvidal' this past Saturday (Dec.17).

The Chute Boxe product and wife of welterweight Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos is 11-1 and is riding an 11 fight winning streak. She holds notable wins over Shayna Blazler, Gina Carano, Marloes Coenen, Jan Finney and Hiroko Yamanaka. She stopped all the aforementioned names by way of TKO or KO.

She is one of a kind.

MMAmania's own Sergio Hernandez wrote an article stating that it's a practical must for Santos to drop to 135 pounds is she wishes to continue fighting top fighters.Would anyone be willing to fight Santos even at 135 pounds knowing she maty be even faster at the lighter weight?

I'm about to cause a lot of flack but i think it's time for 'Cyborg' Santos compete against a male mixed martial artist but this will not happen under the Zuffa umbrella but would you give her a shot?.

At 26 years old ChritianeSantos is without a doubt one of the sports best fighters who can't find enough fights. She is 11-1 and has not lost since her professional debut. She has 9 wins by way of TKO and has been a proven draw when she faced 'theface of women's MMA' Gina Carano.

The attendance was 13,976 and the show averaged 576,00 viewers on Showtime and peaked at 856,000 viewers for the Carano-Cyborg main event. The fight even outpeaked the Kimbo Slice-Tank Abbott bout even though Slice has been one of the most watched MMA fighters ever.

The lack of fights has almost made Cyborg truly consider a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) contract earlier this year and i wouldn't blame her if she took it. She would make a lot more money and would have a look that even the former bodybuilder Beth Phoenix (WWE wrestler) would be jealous of.

In general, women's sports has been made fun of or not seen on the same light as their male counterparts. In gym class or most specifically co-ed gym class you would see your female classmates not trying as hard or not being very good at the sport. The thing is, elite female athletes will shine regardless and those girls collected at the middle of the field are not athletes, their just in gym class because they have to.

It would be one thing to name a sport like tennis or golf where men faced women but to prove my point that in a physical sports where a women can play a man i will resort to hockey player and Canadian Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser.

In 2003, Wickenheiser joined a European men's hockey league team HC-Salamat in the Finnish Hockey Federation. In 23 games she posted 2 goals and 10 assists and was offered a tryout by NHL hall of famer Phil Esposito to play for the Cincinnati Cyclones. Sports Illustrated named Wickenheiser in it's 'top 25 toughest athlete's.

I do know that hockey and MMA are world apart but both are very physical sports and demand a lot of either a man or woman's body.

I have heard all the 'she's a dude' jokes but this girl doesn't fight like any other woman in her sport. I do not think she could beat UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo or UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz but i still think she could compete against some of the guys.

Who-couldn't really nail it done but maybe start her off against an amateur making his professional debut. This would be seen as a 'freakshow' by most i believe but it be a travesty not to see more of 'Cyborg' Santos. She is a great fighter and let's see how good she really is.

What if she won?

I feel that MMA is one of the best sports due to how little racism or discrimination effects the fan's opinion. I hardly ever here someone say a racist comment about a fighter while at the bar. Nobody wishes UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones lose due to being black.

I also feel that MMA fans are not sexiest towards the women and the only reason fighters like Ronda Rousey or Meisha Tate illicit comments about their looks is because they are attractive. They also use these looks to sell themselves and that's fine, UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre chases in on his looks.

'Cyborg' Santos is ready for the challenge and it's time we truly see if we can get this kind of 'special attraction' bout sometime. I doubt it will but if tommorrow Strikeforce announces 'Cyborg Santos vs. (insert male fighter name here) I would tune in and i would be cheering for Santos.

It be a huge step for MMA to prove we can have the cats and dog's fight.

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