You know you are addicted to MMA when...

…your closest friends in the world know you by your online nickname and avatar

…you THINK your girlfriend wears size 9 shoes, but you KNOW Shane Carwin wears 4XL gloves.

…MMA Pay-Per-Views are a specific category in your monthly budget

…you can list more MMA websites than you can list school teachers you’ve had.

…you can execute a darce choke, but you’ve never taken a jiu jitsu class.

…you still haven’t taken a jiu jitsu class, but you can distinguish an arm triangle from an anaconda and an anaconda from a darce choke.

…in a standing conversation, you notice everytime someone switches to southpaw.

…you’ve rehearsed your pronunciation of “Fedor” before attempting to use it in conversation.

…whenever you hear someone at work say “I am not impressed,” you feel compelled to repeat them with a French accent….and you do.

…you can spell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without looking it up, but you never actually write the words “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”

…you’re willing to get your ass kicked in a gym just to get some ‘cred online

…you can translate pounds to stone without even thinking about it.

…as your wife was giving birth you could be heard in the background yelling, “iiiiiiiiiit’s TIIIIIIME!!!!!”

…as you jog with your husband, you are considering how long this jog has to go before his body looks like GSP’s.

….you never fail to get a tingling sixth sense seconds before Rogan says anything is “tremendous.”

…you type “sex” into Google on your computer and it autofills “Sexyama.”’ve been at a family dinner and attempted to make conversation by educating your Grandma on the fundamentals of mixed martial arts.

…during intimate relations, you secretly congratulate yourself for successful transitions.

LOL I found these on another website, you can list your own.

Is anything on the list that you can relate to?

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