The Unofficial MMA Mania Hall of Fame Ballot

As the year draws to a close, I think its time we finally recognize the contributions of some of our most loyal and longstanding maniacs. Accordingly, I have put together a list of 5 such contributors that I think are worthy of official recognition as MMA Mania Hall of Fame members.

Below, you will find a brief description of each of the respective nominees and the contributions they’ve made to our community that garner our respect and recognition.

While all are certainly worthy in their own right, as with any Hall of Fame induction, only a specified percentage can be inducted. For the purposes of this ballot, the 2 maniacs receiving the highest vote will be entered into the Hall of Fame.

Please take time to post a quick comment in support of the nominees and thank them for helping to make Mania the best MMA community anywhere!

If we get enough response and support, maybe we can get Jesse and Mania to make this an Official Hall of Fame Ballet, and make it an annual event. Maybe we can get them to provide the inductees with a Mania t-shirt or some other type of prize.

Please throw up a few rec’s so we can get as much participation as possible.

To the nominees, thanks for all your contributions and good luck!

MMA Mania's Unofficial Hall of Fame Nominees

In No Particular Order

OJR: As one of the most well-known maniacs, OJR has been a mainstay on Mania boards since long before Mania’s transition over to SB Nation. One of the most consistent and insightful posters, OJR can always be counted on to bring a little levity and excitement to otherwise run-of-the-mill posts. Originator of some of the best-loved fanposts around, including Maniac Quote of The Week, Douchebag of the Week, The Anti-Brock Movement, and the piece-da-resistance… The Friday Booty Fun Post. OJR has also been active in organizing several MMA Mania UFC event trips.

Jay: Balance is essential to harmony… Playing Ying to OJR’s Yang, Jay is known for his love of all things Brockness. Possibly the most active poster on Mania (with nearly 30K posts at last count), Jay loves a good back and forth and is a participant in one of MMA Mania’s most legendary grudge matches. Maniacs should think twice about engaging in an MMA debate with Jay, and should be even more hesitant to enter into a sig-bet with him (many a maniac has ended up wearing a humiliating signature at the hands of Jay). In addition to his daily exploits, Jay valiantly stepped up and managed the remainder of McArthur’s Pick’em pool to avoid an all-out Armageddon among the participants. Jay is also the man responsible for overseeing the current Mania Money Pool.

McArthur: What can be said about this Canadian Maniac? How about giving credit where credit is due…? In late 2009, McArthur hatched a plan to hold an online MMA Pick’em Pool, and what started out as a way to kill some time and rip on maniacs for their failed picks evolved into THE MOST GRUELING PICK’EM POOL IN THE HISTORY OF MMA… Lasting well over a year and a half from start to finish, McArthur’s dedication never waivered as he combed over literally thousands of our post to keep tabs on our picks, and update the scores with IRS like precision. McArthur is also a co-creator of the ever-popular Score Settler posts, and an attendee of Mania UFC event trips.

Bigger Zino: Oh Can-a-da!!! Home of GSP, Universal Health Care, and Big Z… Without question, one of the most knowledgeable maniacs around, Big Z is know for his love of GSP, COTE…Cote-Cote-Cote…, and of course, bagged milk. If I’m not mistaken, Big Z has been roaming Mania since before they changed their name from UFC Mania. One of the friendliest and most helpful Maniacs, Big Z has participated in Mania UFC event trips, and is always quick to share tips on entertainment for Maniacs making a trip north of the border. Bigger Zino is also one of the go-to maniacs when it comes to fight analysis and breakdowns, as evidenced by his many posts. Bigger Z is also the originator of numerous fanposts including his “Getting to Know” series. He can also always be counted on to post breaking news and MMA related material that may otherwise slip through the cracks.

NNR (No Name Required): The best way to describe NNR is “in the trenches.” He is always around, providing insight where needed and acting as a bit of an unofficial regulator when the trolls get out of control. When it comes to straight MMA knowledge, it’s hard to match NNR. This long-time maniac is also well-versed in the ways of the Pride Fighting Championships and can always be counted on to break-off a little old-school knowledge on those who are new to MMA. Quick-witted and always calling it like he sees it, many a noob has been vanquished by the keyboard of NNR. All about the dollars, NNR can always be found hanging around the top of the Mania Money Pools…

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