Frank Mir - Better in Time


I like Frank Mir.

My common sense tells me not to like him.

The arrogance, the cocky attitude, that stupid little beard.... It almost makes me angry just thinking about it.

But beneath it all lies a very very talented but flawed individual who has competed with the best fighters in the world for over 10 years.

Take a look back at the fighters that were around back then...Tim Sylvia, Tank Abbott, Pedro Rizzo, Arlovski and take a look where those guys are now.

Frank Mir was there too... and he is STILL one of top heavyweights in the world. Arguably one of the top 6.

One thing that newer fans seem to forget while discussing his accomplishments/status in recent times is the severity of his ill fated accident in 2004, where he severely broke his leg which lost him his heavyweight crown.

Dana White once said "Frank Mir is so talented, when I think of him and try to draw a comparison, the only person I can think of who is a fair one is B.J. Penn," said White, the UFC's outspoken president. "When they came into the UFC, they were young and cocky and had all the ability in the world. They were able to do things that other guys never could even think of doing, so they didn't have to work as hard as the others did.".

This is all part of the Frank Mir roller coaster that him and his fans have rode for past 10 years.

The losses to Cruz and Vera were heartbreaking to watch as you could literary see a troubled man trapped inside an overweight and weakened body struggling to grasp what was once his.

The problem was and to a large extent still is, was his mind was elsewhere, battling the demons of becoming a failure on the most public of stages.

There have been stories of his wife threatening him and telling him to man up pre Hardonk.

Maybe this was the shot across the bows that Frank needed as he has gone 7-2 since that fight only losing to man mountains Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.

MMA has changed massively over the years, other fighters from that era would simply not cut it in todays MMA climate. Their styles are old and outdated. They are either too shop worn to compete with todays fighters or simply not capable of adjusting their styles accordingly.

It is fair to say that any fighter that can last this long and still stay relevant is a bloody good fighter.

When you couple in the fact that they were unable to walk for a large amount of time it makes the achievement all that much more impressive.

I have no doubt that the top tier guys would give Frank serious trouble. There is no shame in that.

He is from a completley different era and is still holding his own.

In my opinion Frank Mir is a UFC Heavyweight Legend.

Despite his flaws personally, and despite his flaws in the cage which were all on show on Saturday when went spaghetti legged for a moment.... There are not many people that can produce the moment of brilliance he produced only a minute later.

I hate being Frank Mir fan sometimes.... But I wouldn't change it for a second.

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