MMAmania FFB Post - B League Wild Card Week

Oft the laughing stock of Mania's FFB community, the B-League is nonetheless having playoff games just like the other league. As I write this (drinkin' bur) I'm waiting on Beast Mode to put me over the top and get me to round 2. My Colts clinched 1st pick in 2012 draft this week which as most of you know is an entirely separate clusterfuck as our wretched season. Here's top 5 players for B-League:

* Only players on teams who competed included

1. Tony Romo - 36 points - Donkeypunch

2. Mark Sanchez - 29 points - ClayMMA

3. Marques Colston - 29 points - ClayMMA

4. Percy Harvin - 26 points - Donkeypunch

5. Julio Jones - 25 points - ClayMMA

The 1 and 2 seeds, GriffinFan and Jersey Devil, respectively, had 1st round byes. Kudos for that, bitches.

(4) YouveGotGold - 165 points - (This is the score as Seattle's D is waxing StL)

(5) ClayMMA - 157 points

Clay MMA put up a valiant effort but the strenf of YouveGotGold proved to be to much. ClayMMA got much more out of his receiving corps then a normal week. Unless Seattle shits the bed in the next 20 minutes ClayMMA goes night night. Otherwise a solid performance this weekend. Sweet dreams.

(3) littledemons - 117 points

(6) Donkeypunch - 119 points - (This is the score as I watch MNF. Feeling good.)

littledemons scored just as many points as he was supposed to. He had big games from Rodgers, McCoy, and Chicago's D. I'm sure he's sick as fuck that Rodgers was pulled, but so goes FFB playoff time. ViolentMike can suck my balls over talking shit about the low scores in the B-League, but the Donks have turned it on in the second half.

I'm not sure if I like like FFB playoffs more than NFL playoffs, but I sure enjoy this shit. Thanks for having me this year, assholes!



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