MMAmania FFB Playoffs - Wildcard Round Recap

Week 14, which is the wildcard round for fantasy playoffs is just about in the books. All that's left is a game tonight between the Seahawks and Rams. Before moving onto the top 5 fantasy players for the week, let me first send a quick shout out to my boy ELI-TE Manning. What a game. If the Giants had any sort of secondary, they'd be Super Bowl bound.

Top 5 Fantasy Players for the week

1. Maurice Jones Drew - 43 points - ViolentMike

2. Tony Romo - 36 points - Jay

2. Matt Ryan - 36 points - Puck Head

4. Rob Gronkowski - 34 points - DetroitDrew

5. Tom Brady - 30 points - BJPennfan

The 1 seed Geno and the 2 seed Drew both had byes this week. Drew was able to put up 158 points and Geno only put up 122 points. If he didn't have the bye, he would have lost to 4 of the 5 playoff teams. I have 4 words for you Geno, and they are the same as I stated last week - Step Your Game Up! Do you think we should play that fun little game again where we calculate are averages for the past several weeks?

(4) ViolentMike - 151* (Golden Tate)

(5) BjPennfan - 125

ViolentMike was able to put up 151 and counting despite two of his players putting up goose eggs. Neither Jermichael Finley nor Brad Smith were able to haul in a single reception yesterday. Assholes. But luckily, the core 4 came thru big time. Cam 22. Harvin 26. McCoy 21. MJD 43. For beej, Tom Brady had a big game with 30 and I was shocked to see Ryan Grant put up 22.

(3) mmachamp - 88 (Steven Jackson)

(6) Buster Bluth - 110 (Marshawn Lynch)

You two do realize that this is the playoffs now, right? Since they struggled so badly to reach triple digits, there really weren't many star performers to talk about. Jabar Gafney did put up 21 points which I thought was pretty funny. Why? Because he's Jabar Gafney. Buster is expected to hold onto this win as he holds a 22 point lead and Lynch is projecting 19 compared to Jackson's 11. If Buster holds onto the win, he will be facing Geno in the Semi's.

This is a shame because now it looks like I will be facing Drew in the semis and we are clearly the two hottest teams in the playoffs and should be facing each other in the Super Bowl, again. I was really hoping to take Geno in the semi's but it looks like it will now have to wait until the Super Bowl. Sorry Drew, but you're going to have to be a casualty in my championship crusade.

There were some other consolation games going on that aren't worth my time to type about.

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