Proper Fanpost Tips for Maximum Effect

There has been a lot of discussion on proper methods lately that should be used for first time fanpost posters, because as you know it can be difficult being the new kid on the block trying to fit in and gel with some of the regulars on any website. Given that I have 0 experience as an editor, a published writer, or even a Penthouse Forum contributor, I thought I could offer up some of my immense writing knowledge to help out those that are eager to share their MMA knowledge or experience and yet are somewhat frightened with the possible repercussions of looking like an idiot. I'm fairly certain that I've proven myself on mania as being the latter, so here we go with FANPOST WRITING 101 FOR DUMMIES!!

1. Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!

One can never have enough of pictures as long as they relate to the thread. Humans, especially men, are extremely visual. That is why we prefer to have the lights on when we are with women who are hot so that we can appreciate their beauty and on the flipside, if we end up with someone who is not light worthy, men also have a vivid imagination so no lights are required. Either way, we need pictures to aid with explanation of the thread. GIF's are also excellent for those that have enough computer savvy.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

Nobody likes to read a long story unless you are taking a dump. Get to the point and make sure that your facts are correct before you post otherwise you look like an IDIOT!!! Again, men are simple and do not like anything that is long and drawn out unless you like other men. There are a few on here that prefer that, so you have to remember that you have to please both sides and what better way to do that than......


hot girls Pictures, Images and Photos

3. Proper Grammar and Writing Techniques

Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, and there will always be spelling mistakes. No big deal, it's not like you were vying for a job on here as a contributing writer anyways. You had a point that you wanted to discuss and you got it out there for some to view and offer feedback. But there are common mistakes that need to be cleared up;

Do not make your point with a run-on sentence as people quickly lose interest when you make your point but do not have proper punctuation to understand where that sentence should have ended and the next point begins sort of like writing about last nights Taco Bell run and how you ended up with the runs a few hours later your friend let you know that his sister finally let him take naked photos of her the police showed up to bust your neighbour because of all the child porn that he been posting the stars were out last night ever wonder how sensors work you get the point.

Common gramatical errors

they're = "they're in the house"

their = "it is their house"

there = "there is their house that they're in"

you're = "you're an ass"

your = "your ass is bigger than hers is"

Hope some of this can be useful for those with first post jitters

hot girls Pictures, Images and Photos

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