MMA documentary '3' on MTV UK features up-and-coming UCMMA and BAMMA fighters


MTV’s The Wrap-Up presents ‘3’, a cutting edge documentary focusing on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in partnership with HALO MMA. In follow up to UFC 138 when the world's eyes are turned upon UK talent, the film takes an in-depth look at three of the UK’s most sought after, upcoming mixed martial artists.

Starring UCMMA Light Heavyweight Champion, Jimi "Posterboy" Manuwa, UCMMA Featherweight Champion, "Capcom" Cory Tait and BAMMA British Middleweight Champion, Jack "Hammer" Marshman, the documentary directed by British Filmmaker Demetrio Marquez and produced by UK journalist Aundre Jacobs, showcases the lives of the three fighters, before and after a fight.

Ground-breaking in MMA for its quality and craftsmanship, the film presents an intimate portrait of the athletes and explores what drew them into the sport and what lights their fires. Undefeated UCMMA Light-Heavyweight Champion, Jimi Manuwa (10-0-0) has won 8 of his fights by knock out; 6 of his fights have been title bouts or defences; and it has never taken him more than two rounds to finish an opponent.

Manuwa commented: "It's great being a part of this documentary and good to see UK fighters showing their skills. We've got a strong core of fighters coming through the ranks and I'm going to lead from the front. Hopefully this documentary will give people a chance to see my talents and show what goes on behind the scenes. It's a tough sport to be in but lions always eat first."

The lightning fast UCMMA Featherweight Champion, Cory Tait (4-1-0) -touted as UK's the upcoming Anderson Silva- had this to say about the documentary: "It’s a great way to show people in the UK and around the world how hard working the UK MMA scene is, the following it has and the fighters it produces. I’m excited to be a part of this project."

Undefeated BAMMA British Middleweight Champion, and serving British Armed Forces Afghan vet, Jack Marshman has a record of 9-0-0. Marshman recently wowed audiences at BAMMA 7 with his tremendous heart, after he came back from a sustained GnP battering at the hands of Carl Noon and turned fortune around to secure a legendary victory in the third round.

Marshman said: "It's fantastic to be seen as a rising star in UKMMA and I'll do my best to meet those expectations. I've been overwhelmed by the support of UK fans, and the boys from 3 Para are always very vocal at my fights. It's good for people to see behind the scenes a bit and get to know me better. I'm learning and growing all the time as I'm hungry for more belts and tough opponents."

Film-maker Demetrio Marquez commented: "Making '3' has been an amazing experience. A personal win for me is seeing people involved in the project who had no previous interest or opinion of MMA suddenly trying to school me with a bit of Wikipedia knowledge. That's why through our MTV documentaries, it's important that we aren't just covering the intricacies of the sport but humanising the athletes. This will help attract a new audience to MMA, just through simple things like having that one thing in common with a it you both like jerk chicken, have children, stay in for Jools Holland and so on. I honestly wouldn't be interested in telling their stories, if that wasn't the case; and I'm not in there asking the guys to talk trash about their opponents. I'm just trying to find the best opportunities to offer the audience a glimpse of their real characters both in and outside of fighting. This is why I'm delighted with the documentary- because I think particularly with Jimi Manuwa's part, you really get past that stone-cold killer image he has and uncover the true Poster Boy. So a massive thanks to Jimi, Cory and Jack and all of their team for welcoming us. They were all brilliant to work with and I wish them the best in their future fights. OSS!"

Izzy Carnwath from HALO MMA commented: "It's really fantastic to see a prestigious media outlet such as MTV taking an interest in MMA in the UK and help to push the sport forward. Talent like Marquez's is sorely needed by the scene, to present this exciting and very technical sport in a way that does it and its athletes justice. Beautifully crafted cinematography is the best medium I can think of to explain MMA to the mainstream and to set it above the tawdry image it often has in the UK".

3 is the documentary that fans, not just across the UK but across the world, have been looking forward to. With the likes of Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy and Brad Pickett already cutting a name for themselves over in the States, 3 showcases a new breed of fierce MMA talent you can't afford to miss. 

See the video here.

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