MMAmania FFB Week 9 Recap

Week 9 of the NFL season is just about in the books, all that we have left is tonight's game between Ulf's Eagles and Geno's Bears.  I'm predicting that the Eagles win handily.  The two things that stood out the most to me from yesterday's games was the Giants big time win in Foxboro (Giants are going to win the East, bitches) and Tim Tebow's big game against Oakland.  This is Tim Tebow's world and we are all just living in it.  And if you don't believe it, just ask Skip Bayless - he'd be glad to tell you.


Let's first take a quick gander at the Top 5 Fantasy players for week 9, so far.


1. Vincent Jackson - 39 pts - Puck Head

2. Aaron Rodgers - 38 pts - The General

3. Philip Rivers - 33 pts - Dragay

4. Julio Jones - 31 pts - Puck Head

5. Willis McGahee - 28 pts - The General


The Packers/Chargers game clearly featured a whole hell of a lot of fantasy points.  And Willis McGahee, really???  Who would have thunk it?  Certainly not Geno, he had him on his bench.


And now onto our matchups thus far:


mmachamp - 112 (Matt Forte)

ViolentMike - 71 (LeSean McCoy)

With the bye week really affecting my team this week I had to look to the wire for some points.  My three pickups?  Chris Obgannaya = 2 points, Kevin what the Faulk = 0 points and Oakland Def =  -2 points for a grand total of zero.  Now that's loose butthole.  And to make things worse, Greg Salas broke his fibula mid game and will be out for the year.  mmachamp just needed his players to perform near their projections and they came thru.  McCoy could put up 42 points and Forte could get injured on the first play of the game.  Anything is possible folks, but things are looking grim.


DetroitDrew - 123 (Michael Vick)

Jay - 110 (Jason Avant)

Brandon Marshall scores a TD - that has been a rare occurrence this season.   He put up 24 points as did Rob Gronkowski as well as Jay's other other mancrush, Tony Romo.  It is difficult for me to envision a scenario where Jason Avant outscores Vick by 13 points.  Sorry Jay.  (And I wonder if Jay even knows Vick is Avant's QB)


Puck Head - 186* (Robbie Gould)

Deuce - 90

Deuce's shittastic team did nothing worth talking about.  Puck on the other hand, his team blew up!  VJ with 39.  Julio Jones with 31 (loved that first TD catch, that was tight butthole!),  Matt Ryan with 27 points, Arian Foster with 25 points, Michael Bush with 20, the list goes on.  If his kicker scores 14+, he breaks the 200 point threshold and wins a prize.  But seeing that the prize is having Dragay sit on your face for 25 minutes, I'm not sure he want's to win the prize...


The General - 168 (Jeremy Maclin)

NickDiazFan - 107

Rodgers, Welker, Gates and even Reggie Bush all lead the charge in the General's victory.  Kevin Walter lead Nick Diaz's team with 1 fuck you point.


kevjack - 116 (Philadelphia Def)

Dragay - 114 (Brent Celek)

This matchup is really going to go down to the wire tonight.  Should be interesting.  Kev wanted to bet Dragay $50 and Dragay countered with "How about this instead. I win you send me a pic of you wife spread eagle, you win, I'll send you a pic of my cock and balls pushed back between my legs. Deal??"  Kev never responded so I assume that means he accepted since he didn't decline.  I wonder who is sending who a jpeg?  Also, I'd be willing to bet that each of them have these photos on file and will not need to pose for any additional pictures tonight.


Ulf Murphy - 109

Buster Bluth - 99 (DeSean Jackson)

DeSean is projecting 10 points.  This will be a nail biter.  The thing about DeSean is that he is always 1 play away form putting up about 14 points.  He is a true home run hitter.  However, he has been seeing less and less targets in the Eagles offense.  So its all about DeSean, and I have a feeling that the selfish, conceited bastard would like it that way.


I will be back tomorrow with an update to post the final scores, the updated standings and a peek at next week's matchups.

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