MMA Mania Fantasy Football B League Week 9



Another stacked weekend of sport is behind us including a UFC featuring 5 finishes in the 5 main card fights in front of the best sports fans in the world and another thrilling round of NFL fixtures featuring high scoring thrillers, OT heartache and dragay's Chiefs reaching new levels of mediocrity losing to the previously winless Dolphins.  And speaking of mediocrity we have another shambolic B league display to laugh at as a regular plunges to new lows with a score that has to be seen to be believed.  We still have the Eagles-Bears clash to come tonight in a must-win game for both teams as Chicago look to avoid Wembley jetlag as they take on the self-proclaimed Dream Team who are under pressure to pick up their third win in a row after the Giants last second victory over the Patriots saw them extend their divisional lead.  I'll update the final results once that game has concluded but until then here are the scores from this week's games. 

David W-S - 108 (3-6)

Top scorer: Mike Tolbert 23

Worst performer: Beanie Wells/Pittsburgh Steelers 5


Donkeypunch - 138 (4-5)

Top scorer: Vincent Jackson 39

Worst performer: Jacoby Jones/Dallas Clark 4


Once again it's donkeypunch beats my injury hit team  after an outstanding display from Chargers WR Vincent Jackson who gained 141 yards REC and scored 3 touchdowns, earning him 39 points.  A lot of points were shared by both teams as a result of the Packers-Chargers thriller, with Mike Tolbert (23) and Jordy Nelson (21) producing big numbers thanks to key plays and touchdown scores but it was Jackson who really made the difference.  Tony Romo (24) also had a good performance for donkey and in comparison Michael Vick was only able to produce 9 points as the Eagles again failed to match the pre-season hype.  Other low scores from Miles Austin (7, after picking up another handstring strain to add to my injury woes), Shonn Greene (another mediocre score of 7) and Beanie Wells (5) let down my side further whilst solid displays from Rashad Mendenhall (12), Michael Turner (14) and Plaxico Burress (14) on the back of Jackson's display helped increase the score.  Even with Heath Miller (12) and Marshawn Lynch (20) left on the bench donkey looks to have done enough to secure the win, though at least Ben Tate (17) is an option I can go back to using after he shared the load to devastating effect with Arian Foster against the Browns.  So long Shonn.  Ryan Fitzpatrick (11) and the Eagles DEF (9) would have been better options than Vick and the Steelers but not by anywhere near enough to catch donkey.  Like I said last week if AJ is out I'm losing this game and sure enough he had another setback on Monday.  Now my play-off dreams are in tatters just like the Eagles.


OJR - 116 (3-6)

Top scorer: Matt Ryan/Tim Tebow (B) 27

Worst performer: Adam Vinatieri 1


Jersey Devil - 123 (5-4)

Top scorer: Roy Helu (26)

Worst performer: Chris Ogbonnaya (2)


This was a very close contest that was decided in the MNF Bears-Eagles game in Jersey Devil's favour thanks to Jeremy Maclin (10).  This week both of OJR's QBs performed equally well and if this was a 2 QB league then he'd have won this game comfortably, unfortunately for him it isn't.  Tom Brady (19) once again had a disappointing game and the huge numbers that him and the Patriots offense were producing in the opening fixtures seem a long time ago now, though Roy Helu (26) once again produced big numbers and despite Ogbonnaya's poor score and losing Steve Smith to a bye week the solid numbers put up at DEF, TE and K were enough for Maclin to finish the job and seal the win for the Jersey Devil.  OJR's big mistake was playing Deion Branch (4) at WR instead of Joshua Cribbs (16), although having 2 Colts players (Reggie Wayne and Adam Vinatieiri) is also undoing a lot of the good work that Darren Sproles (20) has been doing.


PHISH_NATION - 24 (4-5)

Top scorer: Pierre Thomas (18)

Worst performer: PHISH_NATION as only Thomas, Dexter McCluster (4) and the Saints (2) didn't score 0


GriffinFan05 - 129 (7-2)

Top scorer: Wes Welker (23)

Worst performer: Cincinatti Bengals (5)


Where do I begin here?  For the second straight week a B League scores under 25 points after seemingly failing to bother changing their team to deal with injuries and byes.  Mike's brother was weakened by the loss of Calvin Johnson to a bye week and whilst his team were solid nobody did spectacular numbers but he strolled to a win after PHISH attempted to break Littledemon's record for worst FFB score of all time.  To produce this spectacularly low score PHISH included 4 players on bye weeks (Matthew Stafford, Titus Young, Visanthe Shiancoe and Josh Scobee) and 3 players ruled out with injuries (Santana Moss, Malcolm Floyd and Peyton Hillis) whilst leaving Mike Williams (10), Jermichael Finley (15) and the Packers (16) on the bench.  Come on PHISH even Edward Faaloloto put up more than a fight than that.  Next season can we have some players who'll actually bother to compete?  And if there are any Maniacs that desperate to waste $25 then next time just send me the money.


doonerthesooner  - 143 (4-5)

Top scorer: Rob Gronkowski/Brandon Marshall (24)

Worst performer: DeSean Jackson (2)


magicmike - 113 (3-6)

Top scorer: Antonio Gates (23)

Worst performer: Daniel Thomas (1)


The laughing stock of the B League is suddenly making a lot of people look foolish as his team picks up another victory over the biggest disappointment of the season so far as he sealed a dominant victory with DeSean Jackson to spare.  The man who refuses to play Cam Newton was unaffected by the bye and his team delivered in all areas, with Drew Brees (22), DeMarco Murray (21, who is pushing Victor Cruz for surprise of the season) and Michael Bush (20) all producing big numbers as well as Gronkowski and Marshall (24).  In a tougher game the poor display from DeSean (2) may have made the difference but this week all it did was limit the margin of victory for the Sooner.  Without AP it was always going to be difficult for Mike and so it proved as Antonio Gates aside (another Charger to produce a big score with 23) nobody was able to produce the big numbers that Mike needed to compete with a rejuvenated Dooner.  He could have played Andy Dalton (26) over the "better than Eli" Josh Freeman (17) but that wouldn't have made any difference as he was quite simply beaten by a stronger, more well rounded team.  Just like the Vikings, without AP there isn't a lot that Mike can do.  Watch out for Dooner though, he's on a roll right now.


ClayMMAn - 157 (6-3)

Top scorer: Phillip Rivers (33)

Worst performer: Ahmad Bradshaw (O) (0)


littledemons - 141 (6-3)

Top scorer: Aaron Rodgers (38)

Worst performer: Hines Ward/Mohamed Massaquoi (0)


In the fantasy clash between Rivers-Rodgers this time it proved to be Phillip who came away with the crucial victory. Both QBs unsurprisingly produced 30+ after both threw 4 TD passes so the key to this game was who had the RBs and WRs capable of putting up similar numbers and thanks to a spectacular performance from Julio Jones (31) which included 2 150+ REC TDs it was Clay who was able to put out the big numbers all over the pitch and not just at 1 position.  Demons had a lot of ground to make up in the Bears-Eagles match and did admirably with LeSean McCoy (22) and Robbie Gould (14) producing high numbers and a solid contribution from Brent Celek (13) and the Bears DEF (6) helped him surpass 140 points but unfortunately he was facing an excellent team in ClayMMAn so it was too little too late.  Brandon Jacobs (19), Torrey Smith (18) and Jason Witten (17) all produced high scores as well and whilst Willis McGahee (28) put up far bigger numbers than expected demons once again played too many injured players, with Ward and Massaquoi both scoring 0.  You can't win fantasy games with 8 players even if you do have Aaron Rodgers.  Clay was guilty of playing an injured player as well as he was forced to pick Bradshaw (0) with Jahvid Best and Maurice Morris both on a bye week for Detroit but it didn't make a difference.  Much improved from Demons but it's Clay who once again put up the big numbers and who looks to be a contender for the inaugural B League champion.


AintNoSunshine - 136 (3-6)

Top scorer: Arian Foster (25)

Worst performer: Baltimore Ravens (6)


YouveGotGold - 114 (6-3)

Top scorer: Reggie Bush (23)

Worst performer: Kansas City Chiefs (-1)


When Reggie Bush is your best player you know that you're going to struggle to win fantasy matches and so it was Jon Jones' second biggest fan who pulled off the victory, as Matt Forte's solid numbers (13) were nowhere near enough to close the gap produced on Sunday.  ANS wasn't spectacular but once again Arian Foster (25) proved to be his star as he and Ben Tate looked to outshine each other in another comfortable win for the Texans.  Eli Manning (21) was arguably the difference maker as after a low scoring first half he managed to throw late TD passes to secure the win for the Giants and the crucial points for ANS.  The rest of ANS' team were solid and managed to put up decent numbers with nobody letting the team down helping him reach a respectable score. Dez Bryant (9) was again disappointing and was outperformed by Eric Decker (13) but other than that ANS picked the right players and looks to have done enough to win.  The golden lurker was let down by a low score from Matt Schaub (8) which was always expected as the Texans relied on running plays from Foster and Tate with AJ once again sidelined which affected their QB's fantasy numbers.  The key game for Gold was the Dolphins-Chiefs, with Reggie producing a high (for him) score of 23 but the Chiefs losing him a point after their display that reached new levels of ineptitude.  The rest of his team were solid but not spectacular and the poor numbers at QB and DEF made the real difference, leaving Forte with far too much to do.


That's it for another week of B League fixtures and amazingly it looks like Dooner is the regular's best hope of preventing one of the dominant lurkers from earning a spot in the Awful League next season at the expense of Kevin, Dragay or the man formally known as Ulf Murphy.  I'm still fully expecting a GriffinFan05-ClayMMAn Super Bowl though.  Here are the current standings.



Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
2. ClayMMAn 6-3-0 .667 4-2-0 1115 1084 W-1 12 10
5. Jersey Devil 5-4-0 .556 4-2-0 1028 1058 W-1 11 28
7. Donkeypunch 4-5-0 .444 3-3-0 953 1034 W-2 3 8
8. PHISH_NATION 4-5-0 .444 3-3-0 872 968 L-5 7 7
9. magicmike 3-6-0 .333 3-3-0 1131 1191 L-1 10 13
10. AintNoSunshine 3-6-0 .333 1-5-0 1111 1179 W-2 8 18
Division 2
1. GriffinFan05 7-2-0 .778 5-1-0 1359 985 W-5 4 7
3. YouveGotGold 6-3-0 .667 4-2-0 1315 1185 L-2 1 8
4. littledemons 6-3-0 .667 4-2-0 1049 1061 L-3 2 4
6. doonerthesooner 4-5-0 .444 2-4-0 1006 1030 W-3 6 5
11. David W-S 3-6-0 .333 2-4-0 1022 1031 L-1 9 9
12. OJR 3-6-0 .333 1-5-0 1011 1166 L-4 5 16


Poor RJO and I'm not much better.  And here are the fixtures for Week 10.


David W-S vs magicmike

Donkeypunch vs GriffinFan05

OJR vs AintNoSunshine

PHISH_NATION vs littledemons

doonerthesooner vs Jersey Devil

ClayMMAn vs YouveGotGold

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