Fight Week Blog Week(November 5, 2011) Nova Uniao Fight Camp



On November 11, 2011 I am competing at a Mixed Martial Arts Event in Oahu Hawaii at an American Mixed Martial Arts organization S2 Fighting League; I will be facing Jander Yenn who is fighting out of Penn's MMA and he was born and raised out of Honolulu,Hawaii.


I am Tomas Taverin, I'm am 19 years old and I spend my time training at Vega Muay Thai, home of Muay Thai fighter Brazilian born Seridas Vega. I also spend time training at Nova Uniao and Elite BJJ(Sister Camp of Brazilian Top Team). I am 5'6 and fight in the 135lb weight division. I've been training since I was 6 years old, because I wasn't old enough to date, My Uncle's a Gym Rat and he's all I got so I figured why not? I'm a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Royler Gracie.

Here is a gif. of my last Mixed Martial Arts fight against Aaric Lanras in which I won via Rear Naked Choke, improving my record to 8-1-0. I was currently involved in a MMA event in Brazil, but do to my opponent being on the shelf, I've taken another fight against Jander Yen.




Jander Yen Analysis


Height: 5ft10

Division: 145lbs ( his fight against me will be his first first ever at 135 pounds )

Record: 8-3-1

Style: Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Camp: BJ Penn's MMA


Ok I haven't done this is a while, so uuuhhhh bare with me. 


November 5, 2011 I begin light sparring and take things lightly as I prepare to soon travel to America, and go through the all the flight pass stuff you know? 

8:24 AM: I wake up and eat an apple, chow down on some bread and put on a nice sweat suit.

9:01 AM: I take the sweat suit and weigh myself: scale says 143lbs, so I've got 1 week to shed about 7 pounds come fight time.

9:30 AM: I do a few natural exercises for about 1 hour at my home with 2 glasses of water.

10:12 AM: I walk into the gym, of course there isn't a packed house full of trainers because Aldo was off doing something in America, Barao had the pickett fight.

10: 25 AM: I start a rolling session with Eduardo Dantas and along with all of us are Tree Stump Rousimar Palhares, Vitor Ribeiro & Marlon Sandro.

12: 35 PM: After rolling I hit the mitts with Claudio Coelho for 3 5 minute rounds of boxing and once finished begin light stretching.

1:00 PM: I go over game planning with Braulo Estora

3:21 PM: Muay Thai for about 3 hours and distance striking.

7: 00 PM: I eat a banana and I go to studies.

9:54 PM: I take supplements, weigh myself, shadow box and realize that the UFC is on, so I check it out.

10:00 PM: Barao kicked ass! Hell yeah this is a ton of motivation leading towards my fight.

11: 33 PM: I'm at my girlfriends house and kick back and watch Pro Elite and I sea that Penn's MMA is struggling a whole damn lot with their cardio, hopefully Jander Yen's cardio sucks lol.

12:17 AM: Eat Curry and play uno with my girlfriend.

12:46 AM: Time to go to bed after taking my supplements; I'm still 143lbs.

Check ya back on Wednesday maniacs, watch me smash  this Hawaiian and yes it will be on video, not gif VIDEO.



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