By the Books: Phase Interviews BJ Penn



So BJ Penn was here in Manila yesterday. I was lucky to be able to sneak in his hotel room and interview the Prodigy. Here is a transcript of my interview which I would like to share with the Maniacs. With BJ, I learned that you just have to ask the right questions and he will give wholeheartedly his answers.


PB: Hi BJ. Welcome to the Philippines man

BJ: Who the f**k are you?

PB: I am Phasebook from

BJ: Is that the competitor of Planet Romeo?

On being retired

PB: So are you retired?

BJ: What do you mean retard? I am not retard. Go look at posts and comments from Hank_Mardukas. That's the dictionary definition of retard.

On Hendo-Shogun

PB: You have said in an interview that you think the Hendo-Shogun's fight was the greatest you have seen. Why is that?

BJ: Well, I have a strong bias for fighters that lose their cardio starting in the third round.

On his next fight

PB: Who do you want to fight next?

BJ: I have been facing tough opponents all my life man. And yet, I have not been challenged. For my next fights- and I want to fight 10 more fights before I can consider retiring- I want to fight the toughest gusy in MMA today. I will give a call to Dana and request him to set up fights with Jonathan Goulet, Terry Martin, Matt Lindland, Babalu Sobral, Jason Guida, Sokodjou, Houston Alexander, James Irvin, Rob Broughton, and Xavier Foupa-Pokam. These are the toughest guys in the world man. A victory over them will propel me to any title shots in any weight class.

On the P4P greatest MMA fighter today

PB: In your opinion, who is the greatest p4p MMA fighter today?

BJ: What kind of question is that f**kerface? It's me man. I am the P4P greatest. I finish Kenny Florian, Sean Sherk, Diego Sanchez. Those guys can't be finished by other fighters. Who else qualifies as my competitor? Anderson Silva? That guy lost to nobodies in Japan. GSP? That guy lost to a midget and Grandpa. Jon Jones? The guy lost to a deaf. Frankie Edgar? That pitter-patter fighter? Just ask ItalianStallion54.

On Marinovich

PB: Marv Marinovich has been very helpful in your diet and strength and conditioning. Any tips on what have you learned under his system?

BJ: Marv basically offered new sets of food that I should eat before fighting. Before I would just eat all meat and tons of rice before my fights. Marv gave me the following food choices: souffle, pot au feu, daube, thom yan, shnitzel, ceviche, haggis and ratatouile. For my deserts, Marv told me to focus on eating strudel, creme caramel and blood pudding.

On Dana White's advice for him while in the Philippines

BJ: Dana called me up and advised me to always use my rubber guard when I am in the Philippines

On Geno, Jesse and Brain:

BJ: I advise them to improve their writings and posts man. Their current posts are like disorganized scrawling of high school students who are in perpetual conflict with their testosterone.

That's it Maniacs. I hope BJ has given you wonderful insights. Till the next interview session.

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