M-1 Global: 'Fedor vs. Monson' ratings hit 7.5 million viewers

via www.themmanews.com

No Zuffa, no FOX? No problem.

Despite not having the marketing monster that is the UFC and the support of one of the most dominate sports networks on the planet, M-1 Global's "Fedor vs. Monson" event, which aired live from Moscow, Russia, on Nov. 20, 2011, did rather well for itself in the ratings department.

Extremely well, actually.

The promotion announced today that the event, which marked the return and resurgence of the great Fedor Emelianenko, raked in an impressive 7.5 million viewers.

The event drew better numbers than both the Russian Premier League and the English Premier League matches that took place on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

The M-1 Global event also broke the attendance record for the largest gathering of fans in Europe for a mixed martial arts event with a total of 22,153 attendees.

Who says Fedor has no drawing power anymore?

Here's a full breakdown of the numbers:

The report states that an exact number of 4.9 million watched the event live, which is about four million less than the 8.8 million viewers that watched the highly anticipated UFC on Fox 1. That event aired a week prior and featured a heavyweight championship fight that saw Junior dos Santos knocking out Cain Velasquez in 64 seconds to win the heavyweight championship.

Here's more from the M-1 Global report, courtesy of LowKick.com:

It's important to note than 7.5 million is a "total number". According to the report, 4.9 million people watched the event live, 1.1 million on the same day replay, and nearly 3 million during another replay on the following day. The total number includes only the unique viewers, excluding those who watched the show more than once.


M-1 Global: "Fedor vs. Monson" saw Fedor return to his winning ways by defeating Jeff Monson via unanimous decision. After dropping three straight, it's safe to say the victory was career saver for "The Last Emperor."

For three rounds, Fedor battered and bruised "The Snowman" to the point that Monson needed assistance just to get out of the ring. The next day, it was reported that he had suffered a broken leg, courtesy of Fedor repeatedly landing vicious kicks.

One can only imagine what the numbers would look like if M-1, along with Fedor, of course, ever partnered up with the Zuffa marketing masterminds.

Anyone impressed with these numbers, though? Higher or lower than what you expected?

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