UFC 141 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Lesnar vs Overeem' on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will light fuse on its final pay-per-view (PPV) fight card firecracker of the year TONIGHT (Fri., Dec. 30, 2011) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 141: "Lesnar vs. Overeem" will be headlined by the return of former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, back from intestinal surgery to welcome ex-Strikeforce and K-1 Champion Alistair Overeem to the Octagon. In lightweight action, Donald Cerrone will try to continue his rise to the top of the division against the dangerous Nate Diaz.

That's not all. Not even close.

MMAmania.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of ALL the UFC 141 mixed martial arts (MMA) action below, beginning with the Facebook "Prelims" fights at 6:50 p.m. ET and running right on through to the PPV telecast that starts at 10 p.m. ET. This includes LIVE coverage of the Spike TV "Prelims" special, which is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET on the basic cable channel.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 141) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Lesnar vs. Overeem."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 141 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main event:

265 lbs.: Alistair Overeem defeats Brock Lesnar via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Main card (pay-per-view):

170 lbs.: Johny Hendricks defeats Jon Fitch via KO (Strikes) Round 1
155 lbs.: Nate Diaz defeats Donald Cerrone via Unanimous Decision
145 lbs.: Jim Hettes defeats Nam Phan via Unanimous Decision
205 lbs.: Alexander Gustafsson defeats Vladimir Matyushenko via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Spike TV Prelims:

145 lbs.: Ross Pearson defeats Junior Assuncao via Unanimous Decision
155 lbs.: Danny Castillo defeats Anthony Njokuani via Split Decision

Preliminary card (Facebook):

170 lbs.: Dong Hyun Kim def Sean Pierson via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Matt Riddle vs. Luis Ramos (Fight cancelled. Full details here)
155 lbs.: Jacob Volkmann def. Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Diego Nunes def. Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision

Andrew here!

Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem (265-pound limit)

Round one: Leg kick from Lesnar. Jab from Lesnar. Lesnar ducks an overhand right which just misses. Lesnar sucks up a single and Overeem able to slip out. Right from Lesnar and leg kick from Lesnar to follow. Big knee to the body from Overeem and then Lesnar with one of his own. Overeem lands another big knee to the body and then a right hand. Body kick from Overeem. Right from Lesnar. Overeem with another knee to the body and then a big punch. The Overeem with a big body kick which sends Lesnar crumpling to the mat. Overeem pounces and throws punches to finish and the ref stops it. Thats it Overeem is impressive in his octagon debut.

Round two:
Round three:
Round four:
Round five:

Final result: Alistar Overeem defeats Brock Lesnar via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone (155-pound limit)

Round one: Cerrone comes out quick and lands a left. Diaz with a hold of Cerrone now and their tied up against the cage. Short punches from Diaz. Nice knee from Diaz. Good combo from Nate and a big counter right from Cerrone. Leg kick from Cerrone. Good combo from Diaz. Another good right from Diaz and now he lands another good combo. Jab from Diaz. Good right from Diaz then body shots and then another punch and knee to the body. Good one two from Diaz. Leg kick from Cerrone. More one two punches from Diaz. Leg kick from Cerrone. Jab from Diaz and then a big left hook. Diaz is landing at will and picking Cerrone apart. Mutiple punches landed from Diaz. Head kick from Cerrone and then a leg kick. Good combo from Diaz again. Nice left from Diaz. Another 4 punch combo from Diaz. Cerrone slips on a head kick attempt. Good combo from Diaz once again. Body shot from Diaz. Good left hook from Diaz. Amazing 4 punch combo fro.m Diaz. Cerrone looks odd Rogan thinks his jaw is broken he wont close his mouth. Now their tied up against the cage. That is the bell. Diaz is dominating. 10-9 Diaz.

Round two: Cerrone was silent in between rounds but he is barely moving something looks wrong with him. Leg kick from Cerrone. Big leg kick from Cerrone drops Diaz briefly. Jab from Diaz. Big knee from Cerrone. Leg kick from Cerrone. Cerrone again with another leg kick that puts Diaz on his back. Knee from Cerrone. Diaz ties things up and has the back briefly but Cerrone escapes. Right from Diaz. Knee from Cerrone. Good right from Cerrone. Diaz with a right. Body shot from Cerrone. Head kick from Cerrone lands hard but he slips and falls while doing it. Leg kick again from Cerrone chops the legs out from under Nate. Good counter right from Cerrone. Good left and right hook combo from Nate. Nate with a long jab and then elbow. Front kick from Cerrone. Cerrone again kicks out the legs from under Diaz. Good elbow from Nate. Nice left from Cerrone. Another big leg kick from Cerrone takes Diaz off his feet. Good right from Cerrone. Diaz now lands a right that wobbles Cerrone. Cerrone with a counter right. Good right from Cerrone. That is the bell and this round was much much closer could go either way. Ill lean Cerrone. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round three: Good right from Cerrone. Right hook from Diaz. Leg kick from Cerrone. Good combo from Diaz. Left from Cerrone. Combo from Diaz and then a big right hook to the head. Body kick from Diaz then a jab. Good right from Cerrone. Good right from Nate. Left from Cerrone. Nice knee to the body from Cerrone. Leg kick from Cerrone and another leg kick from Cerrone. Right from Cerrone. Nice left and body shot from Diaz. Big leg kick sweep from Cerrone slams Diaz on the mat. Good left from Diaz. Combo from Diaz and a right from Cerrone. Big knee to the body from Cerrone. Big knee to the head from Cerrone. Big combo from Diaz now. Great jab from Diaz. Jab from Diaz, and another leg kick that knocks Diaz to the mat. Body shots from Diaz. Right from Cerrone. Combo from Diaz and left hook from Cerrone. Head kick from Cerrone and big left hook while Diaz lands a good combo. Jab from Diaz. Flying knee from Cerrone. Nice combo from Cerrone. Nice combo from Diaz. Left hook then head kick from Cerrone. Now Diaz with a 4 punch combo. Both men swing wild at the bell. Wow great fight, still wonder if something happen to Cerrone. Ill lean towards Diaz for the win. 10-9 Diaz.

Final result: Nate Diaz defeats Donald Cerrone via Unanimous Decision


Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks (170-pound limit)

Round one: Fitch with a low stance. Hendricks with a HUGE left that drops Fitch!! Hendricks lands one more punch and the ref stops the fight! Wow that was an impressive win.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Johnny Hendricks defeats Jon Fitch via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Alexander Gustafsson vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (205-pound limit)

Round one: Wild left from Matyushenko. Leg kick from Gustafsson. Nice left from Gustafsson. Straight kick from Gustafsson and they clinch up briefly. Hard leg kick from Gustafsson. HUGE combo from Gustafsson drops Matyushenko!! Gustafsson pounces and is raining down punches and the ref stops it! Wow big win for this kid.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Alexander Gustafsson defeats Vladmir Matyushenko via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Jim Hettes vs. Nam Phan (145-pound limit)

Round one: Hettes grabs a single and gets a take down right off the bat. Hip escape from Phan and he works his way to his feet briefly and Hettes takes him back down. Hettes working some punches. Phan walking the cage now and is back to his feet. Hettes with some punches and again gets the take down and now has a one arm guillotine. Now Hettes on top and is raining down some serious punches! Now Hettes after a barrage of power punches decides to take the back of Phan. Hettes with one hook in. Good punches from Hettes. Phan manages to get to his feet after taking a beating. Hettes now keeping the pressure on. Good short right uppercut from Phan. Beautiful hip toss from Hettes and he is on top and gets right into full mount. Hettes with a sick elbow from the top. Another good elbow from Hettes. Now Hettes is going for an arm bar. Hettes landing great punches while still going for the arm bar. Hettes decides to rain down some serious punches at the 10 second mark and finishes the round with a message. 10-8 Hettes. He dominated.

Round two: Hettes with a shot right away and now has this tied up against the cage. Phan escapes. Jumping knee from Hettes and again he gets a take down. Hettes on top in side control now. Phan goes for a leg lock but Hettes is out of that easy and right back on top landing some big punches. Hettes goes for the choke, but he is not behind Phan enough to lock it in. Now a scramble and Phan is on top and now he is throwing some elbows and punches. Phan postures up now looking to land something. Hettes uses an arm to get back to his feet and is now peppering Phan with punches against the cage. Hettes drags Phan to the mat again and now Phan is working his way to his feet. Phan up and lands a right. Knee from Phan. Good combo from Hettes. Hettes goes for the throw and again he gets it down. They scramble and end back on the ground with Hettes on top. Phan to his feet and their just against the cage. That's the bell, Hettes dominates again. 10-9 Hettes.

Round three: Hettes looks a little gassed. Hettes shoots but cannot get it. Jab from Hettes. Jab from Phan. Phan starting to throw more, and Hettes says no more of that and gets the take down. Hettes trying to hold Phan down now. Knee to the body from Hettes as Phan gets to his feet. Hettes gets him right back down. More punches from Hettes. Phan back up but eats another knee. Good right from Phan. Now their trading some shots. Good body shot from Phan. Hettes walks him into the cage and again gets the take down and is now on top. Punches from behind by Hettes. Hettes now has an arm triangle almost locked in. Hettes bails on it. Hettes though gets to full mount and is landing some more good punches. Big elbow from Hettes and some more big elbows to go along with some punches. Hettes landing some HARD punches from the top. Hettes ends the fight with some good power punches and that is the bell. This kid looked like an absolute animal in this fight. He is going to be trouble. 10-9 Hettes.

Final result: Jim Hettes defeats Nam Phan via Unanimous Decision


Andrew here!

Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assuncao (145-pound limit)

Round one: Inside leg kick from Pearson. Assuncao with his awkward stance but it produces a take down and Pearson scoots to the cage and tries to walk up. Pearson making his way to his feet but he gives up his back and Assuncao jumps on top. Pearson scraps Assuncao off his back. Leg kick from Pearson. Pearson avoids the take down and lands a good knee. Assuncao jumping in and out. Leg kick from Pearson but it gets caught and Assuncao is now working again for the take down against the cage. Pearson breaks free. Leg kick from Pearson. Left from Assuncao. Leg kick from Pearson. Body kick then left from Pearson then he lands a knee as Assuncao attempts a take down then backs off. Leg kick from Assuncao and combo from Pearson. Great combo from Assuncao. Leg kick from Assuncao. Leg kick from Pearson. Flurry as the bell rings. Odd round to score ill lean Pearson for aggression. 10-9 Pearson.

Round two: Leg kick from Assuncao. Assuncao sucks up a leg and gets a brief take down and Pearson scrambles. Pearson free and lands a leg kick then a left. Good counter left from Assuncao as he grabs a hold of Pearson against the cage. Knee from Pearson to the body. Assuncao shoots and misses a take down and Pearson is on top and lets Assuncao up. Assuncao with a good left. Pearson stuffs a take down again. Pearson just keeps chasing and Assuncao keeps running. Body shot from Pearson and then a good jab drops Assuncao. Now Pearson is landing of flurry of punches and then a good knee to the stomach. Now their tied up against the cage. Jab from Pearson. Good combo from Assuncao. Assuncao shoots and Pearson stops it .Pearson with a good trip take down. Assuncao grabs a leg eats an elbow and gets a trip take down himself and is now on top. That is the bell as Pearson gets to his feet and eats a combo. Again ill lean Pearson. 10-9 Pearson.

Round three: Leg kick from Pearson. Pearson gets caught with a jab and trip and ends up on his back. Assuncao on top looking to take advantage. Assuncao has the back now with one hook in and is looking for the other now. Assuncao working for the rear naked choke. Pearson slips out and is to his feet and lands a good elbow. Now their tied up against the cage and Pearson lands some good body shots. Lead jab and Assuncao again goes for the take down. Assuncao has side control on the feet and a good knee from Assuncao. Now Assuncao working the legs for the take down. Assuncao gets the brief take down and Pearson back up and slips out. Good combo from Assuncao and now he grabs a single and is going for the take down. Elbow from Assuncao on the break. Leg kick from Pearson. Sloppy punches from both men. Good knee from Pearson as Assuncao goes for another take down. Now their tied up against the cage once again. Good body shot then left hook from Pearson. Hard head kick then big knee from Pearson. Good short punches against the cage from Pearson. Now Pearson with a big hook to the body then a right and Assuncao is wobbled. Assuncao grabs a leg to survive. That is the bell, again ill lean Pearson but it could go either way. 10-9 Pearson.

Final result: Ross Pearson defeats Junior Assuncao via Unanimous Decision


Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Njokuani (155-pound limit)

Round one: Jab from Njokuani. Castillo shoots and misses. Good short right from Njokuani. Jab from Njokuani. Nice leg kick from Castillo. Duck under shot and take down from Castillo but Njokuani right back to his feet. Castillo now has the back and is working hard to drag Njokuani to the ground. Knees to the thigh from Castillo. Njokuani looking for a backwards elbow to land. Good hard knees from Castillo to the thigh and now he gets back to the front and secures the take down. Njokuani working to get to his feet. Now Njokuani back up and Castillo is holding onto the back again. Now Castillo almost locks in a rear naked choke, but misses it and now he locks in both hooks and is going for the finish. Njokuani spins out! Now he is on top and is going for a standing guillotine!!! Castillo with a HUGE slam and knocks Njokuani off! Now Castillo back on top. Njokuani back to the feet now.Right from Njokuani at the bell. Good round for Castillo. 10-9 Castillo.

Round two: Njokuani still with a lot of bounce left in his step after good defensive wrestling in round 1. Jab from Njokuani. Left from both men. Hard right cross from Njokuani. High kick from Njokuani. Shot stuffed by Njokuani. Jab from Njokuani. Good knee from Njokuani. Njokuani attempts a judo throw but cannot complete and their back on their feet. Good one two combo from Njokuani. Jab from Njokuani. Body shot from Njokuani. Njokuani stuffs a take down and is now landing some brutal Thai Clinch knees to the bdoy! Then a HUGE elbow on the break lands flush on Castillo's head. Right and then a jab from Njokuani. HUGE right hook wobbles Castillo!!! Now Njokuani grabs the thai clinch and lands a HUGE knee and Castillo drops down and gets the take down!! Castillo gathering himself, Njokuani with full guard. Njokuani looking for the stand up from the ref. Castillo still recovering. Short elbow off the back from Njokuani. Njokuani uses butterfly guard to kick off Castillo and now they scramble. They end the round in a neutral position. Round 2 goes to Njokuani. 10-9 Njokuani.

Round three: Njokuani looks fresh and Castillo looks a little worn down. Good jab from Njokuani. Good right from Njokuani. Lazy shot from Castillo and Njokuani lands a knee to the mid-section and now their tied up against the cage. Castillo again with a take down while in a guillotine choke. Njokuani with good defense and trying to walk the wall now. Castillo working the lay and pray method now. Njokuani walks the cage and is up now looking to break free. Njokuani rolls out and almost gets a leg lock but their back to the feet. Leg kick from Njokuani and then a good knee followed by a jab. Good right then leg kick from Njokuani. Front kick lands for Njokuani but Castillo again with a take down after the fact. Njokuani walking the cage again. Castillo just holding on from behind now while their on their feet. Njokuani is free and lands some leg kicks then a jab. Nice left from Njokuani then a leg kick. Jab from Castillo. Leg kick then a big right and a flying knee that lands hard at the bell by Njokuani. Last round is a toss up I think Njokuani won it, but wrestling rules so Castillo might take it. 10-9 Njokuani.

Final result: Danny Castillo defeats Anthony Njokuani via Split Decision


Kevin here!

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Sean Pierson (170-pound limit)

Round one: Kim comes out with big leg kick. Pierson works the jab. Kim tries another leg kick but misses. Pierson ties him up and pushes the action to the cage. pierson working to get a leg and a takedown. Kim defending well so far. Kim pushes of and it's back to the center. Kim with the jab. Another good leg kick for Kim. Good exchange where both fighters land a few punches. Good outside leg kick by Kim, partially caught by Pierson. Three minutes left. Outside leg kick by Pierson this time. Pierson with a one-two punch combo that doesn't land. Kim with a good left hand to the head. Pierson throwing a lot of punches but not hitting his target. So far, Kim winning the stand up exchanges. Good left to the head again by Kim, followed by a nice jab. Pierson looking frustrated. Pierson lands a decent left hand to the head. Kim with another good leg kick. Pierson keeps attempting to catch his kicks, but is only partially doing so, unable to answer after each attempt. one minute left. Standing guillotine attempt by Kim. Transitions into a judo throw but Pierson reverses him. Pierson has his back but very little time left. Round over.
10-9 Kim.

Round two: Outside leg kick by Kim. Pierson tries to catch it again but again, he is unable to hold onto it. Another outside leg kick by Kim. Pierson answers with a decent left hand. Inside leg kick by Kim. Head kick attempt by Kim, misses. Inside leg kick by Kim. Another inside leg kick. Pierson clinches up and is working for the takedown against the fence. Kim gets free. Kim lands a right hand to the head as he goes backwards. Outside leg kick by Kim. The kicks are really starting to thud loudly against Pierson's legs. Another outside leg kick by Kim. Two minutes left. Pierson tangles Kim up again, trying desperately to get the fight to the ground. Kim able to free himself and we're back to the middle again. Kim lands two more leg kicks, right out of the clinch. Kim starting to get loose now, lands a good kick-to-head-punch combo. One minute left. Good jab by Kim. Good outside leg kick by Pierson. Pierson shoots for a single leg but misses. Kim lands a big jumping front kick to the head that has Pierson wobbled! Saved by the horn! 10-9 Kim.

Round three: Good outside leg kick by Kim. Stiff jab by Pierson. Good left hook to the head by Kim. Pierson ties him up temporarily but Kim is able to get away from him. Kim continues to work the leg kicks. Pierson's punches are coming very slowly now. Kim gets the takedown and is in full guard, but Pierson slips out the back and is back to standing position. Three minutes left. Kim takes him down again and has his back. Pierson rolls into it and is in full guard now. Kim trying to work the ground and pound. Two minutes to go. Kim postures up and looks to throw a big punch but the Pierson threatens with the upkick and gets Kim to back away. Fighters back on their feet. Kim working the inside leg kicks. One minute left. Pierson throwing punches but he is laboring with every attempt. Front kick to the body by Kim. Good flying knee by Kim. 10-9 for Kim who should win an easy decision here.

Final result: Dong Hyun Kim via unanimous decision


Efrain Escudero vs. Jacob Volkmann (155-pound limit)

Round one: Volkmann starts off with inside leg kick. Escudero responds in kind. Escudero with leg kick, Volkmann shoots and finds himself in a tight guillotine attempt by Escudero. Volkmann reverses and works his way into side control, though Escudero still has his neck. He's out now and in total side control. Escudero scrambles and works free but Volkmann is right back on top of him. Escudero controlling Volkmann's leg. Volkmann working elbows from the half guard. Good ground and pound by Volkmann. Escudero working hard to get up but he's being soundly controlled by Volkmann. Volkmann in full guard now. He gets his leg out and now he's in half guard again. Volkmann continues to use elbows to soften him up. Volkmann momentarily works for choke but thinks better of it. Volkmann lands a good punch to the ribs. One minute left. Volkmann continues to punish Escudero's ribcage with short punches. Volkmann trying to for choke again, this time it's deeper. Escudero does good job of stopping him from connecting his hands. Big round for Volkmann. 10-9.

Round two: Volkmann shoots, grabs a leg and secures the takedown. Right back where we started. Volkmann working for side control. He's got it. Volkmann tries to secure a d'arce choke. Can't get it but he's still in dominant position. Volkmann using short punches again to soften him but he's clearly working for a choke or get an arm for a submission. Herb Dean with a very questionable stand up. Volkmann rushes in right away and works for the takedown. Escudero doing everything he can to stay standing. Suplex slam. Volkmann has him down again. Two minutes to go. Volkmann has his back. One hook in. Working for the other. He's got it! Very bad spot here for "Effy." Volkmann is working hard for a rear-naked choke. Escudero is in a better spot but Volkmann still has his back. Thirty seconds left. Escudero holding Volkmann's wrist with two hands, defending against the submission. Escudero barely survives. 10-9 Volkmann.

Round three: Escudero throws a knee and gets taken down in the process. Volkmann back in side control and has Escudero up against the cage. Volkmann trying to get his back now. Escudero defending but he's clearly just trying to not get finished. A win doesn't look like any kind of possibility for Escudero. Volkmann works again for the d'arce but Escudero slips out. Volkmann is manhandling him. Dean calls for work again. Apparently, repeated submission attempts do not constitute "work." Silly stand up. Volkmann drops for single leg takedown. Escudero tries to use hammerfists to shake him off. Volkmann has his back in a standing position. Escudero looks totally overwhelmed. Two minutes left. Volkmann slips down, working for takedown. Volkmann is just way too busy and active for Escudero who has no answers. Out of nowhere, Escudero grabs a standing choke! Volkmann slips down. Escudero has it locked in!! North-south choke! Little time left! Volkmann doing everything he can to survive! Twenty seconds left. Escudero still trying for the guillotine. Volkmann is out! Crazy scramble at the end!!! Great attempt, but certainly too little, too late. Escudero steals the round, but should lose this decision handily. 10-9 round for Escudero.

Final result: Jacob Volkmann via unanimous decision


Manny Gamburyan vs. Diego Nunes (145-pound limit)

Round one: Gamburyan rushes in and is stalking, closing the distance right away. Good spinning back kick from Nunes. Leg kick by Nunes answered by overhand right from Gamburyan. Big outside leg kick by Nunes misses. Follows with head kick that gets partially blocked. Gamburyan shoots for takedown but is stuffed. Another shoot attempt but good sprawl defense by Nunes. Gamburyan with a huge overhand right again that misses wildly. Gamburyan clearly swinging for the fences early. Gamburyan shoots for double leg takedown but nothing doing. Gamburyan still workinghard for takedown against fence, and he finally gets the takedown. Nunes is on his back, trying to use the fence to get back to his feet. Gamburyan working inside the half guard and Nunes escapes as Gamburyan tries to get his leg free. Back to standing position. Good outside leg kick by Nunes. Gamburyan misses with another wild, looping punch. One minute left. Nunes delivers another punishing leg kick. The leg kicks are starting to take a toll on Gamburyan, who shoots again but is stuffed. Another solid leg kick by Nunes. 10-9 for Nunes

Round two: Gamburyan comes forward aggressively again. Big right hand by Gamburyan! Nunes looks wobbled. Gamburyan has him up against the cage. Gamburyan tosses Nunes down and tries to get his back. Nunes slips away and is defending. Gamburyan working for the takedown now. He's got a hold of his leg, but Nunes slips out and he's free. Back to center. Good spinning back kick to the body by Nunes. Another spinning back kick by Nunes. Good left hook by Nunes. Gamburyan shoots and gets the takedown. He's in half guard, trying to get to side control. Gamburyan lands a couple good punches from the top. Bad spot for Nunes who is pinned against the fence, eating some punches. Gamburyan trying for a choke now, but can't get a good angle. Just over a minute left. Nunes finds a hole and gets back to his feet. One minute left, the action is up against the fence. Good knee to the body by Nunes. Out tof the scrum, Nunes lands a good three punch combo that connects and makes Gamburyan go backwards. Head kick attempt by Nunes, again, partially blocked. Very close round. 10-9 Gamburyan.

Round three: Right hook by Nunes, misses. Gamburyan with a right cross to the head that lands. Head kick attempt by Nunes. Good inside leg kick by Nunes. Inside leg kick by Nunes. And another. Outside leg kick. Leg kick exhibition by Nunes. Gamburyan shoots and is stuffed. Nunes reverses against the fence. Good knee by Nunes. Inside leg kick again by Nunes. Gamburyan with a huge overhand right that misses, followed by a failed takedown attempt. Head kick by Nunes that lands but doesn't appear to do much damage. Inside leg kick by Nunes again. Gamburyan shoots and misses entirely. Nunes throws spinning back fist and misses. Gamburyan tries for another takedown and is stuffed, once again. 'A' for effort. Just under a minute. Good jab by Gamburyan lands. Nunes lands a low kick and Gamburyan is given time to recover. Thirty seconds left. Furious exchange of punches and kicks from both fighters. Gamburyan shoots and tries to finish the round with a takedown but Nunes defends well. Should be a 10-9 round for Nunes and a close decision victory.

Final result: Diego Nunes via unanimous decision


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