'Tuesday Thoughts' with LSC on recent Mixed Martial Arts News

  • Chris Leben suspended one year for painkillers following UFC 138: I do not know what to say but admit to the who said 'I told you so" were actually right. I'm a huge Chris Leben fan and almost to to a fault. I enjoy his brawls and wild comebacks against the likes of Terry Martin and Wanderlei Silva. I truly felt UFC 89 would be the last downfall regarding person choices relating to drugs and alcohol.

    I almost feel rather dumb for even getting behind a fighter who completely undermines the seriousness of drug abuse. Did Leben truly feel because the UFC does the testing in the U.K. that they'd be okay with painkillers, prescribed or not?. I understand that you want to not let down your fans but if you have an injury so severe it requires a banned substance and time to flush said substance out of your system to compete then do that. Don't step into the Octagon, lose and get busted.
  • The UFC not cutting Chris Leben undermined itself?: UFC president Dana White announced that he has no intentions of cutting Chris Leben at this time.

    This is something that should have been down even with me being a huge fan of Leben's. He is not ready to take this gift serious enough or with enough respect. Chris Leben has vastly improved since The Ultimate Fighter especially within the last two years. We've seen better ground work, getting taken down by elite wrestler Mark Munoz and actually getting up.

    Fact is: nothing has changed

    Chris Leben is still a man with many demons and many awful choices. When Leben moved to the island of Hawaii you'd think he'd escape Oregon to better himself. Like many of our friends or people we know they speak wonders of a move, fact is nothing really changed. 

    Before UFC On Versus: 'Marquardt vs. Story'  former number one contender to the middleweight strap, Nate Marquardt had failed to meet Pennsylvania requirements for his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). 'The Great' was cut on twitter and was on a thin line with UFC president Dana White. Said it was his third strike and he was gone but, wouldn't this be Cripplers third strike too?

    Prior to UFC 89, Leben had to serve thirty days in jail for a DUI and actually delayed the bout to UFC 89. After his loss at UFC 89 to Michael Bisping he failed his drug test for steroids. As stated above he was a failure again in drug tests for pain killers.

    That's three strikes!

    Why did Dana White blow up on Nate, a former title contender who could've been a huge player at welterweight and then give a pass on Leben's UFC career.which probably never see's a viable contender shot?.

    I'll leave it at this, Dana White as good as he is at selling the UFC is also not setting a standard for his employees of late. (Please comment on this as you wish)
  • UFC on FOX 2 middleweight clash of Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz is a clever way to give Bisping a title shot:Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title coming to a pay per view near you?

    Joe Silva and the UFC have made a very clever move that seems to pass many of us and that it WANTS Bisping to win this Saturday. The UFC on FOX 2 is apparently headlined by Mark Munoz and Chael Sonnen, which in all likely hood will settle a future number one contender shot. Joe Silva has cemented why he is the ebst match maker in the business. He makes sure that fans can gripe about Sonnen getting his shot back if he beats Munoz, he can make Munoz a star with a win over the only man to beat up Silva. Bisping wins and he now has most of 2012 booked for Anderson Silva when he is of the injured reserved list.
  • 'War Machine' at 170 beats up Roger Huerta: What sounds crazier as you legal name? The Ultimate Warrior or War Machine?

    Let's be honest, Was War Machine really that untalented? In my opinion NO but the guy is crazier then bat shit. It is only suiting that he is trained from the 'Lion's Den'. War Machine clearly had the size advantage andbeing a year away from training (Released from jail in July) taking on a guy who spent a year in Thailand training should have diminished his skills/

    War Machine could be a factor at 155 and maybe he should go knock on Bellator's door for next lightweight tournament. Mind you, War Machine was released from Bellator before they even had their first show...yeah exactly.

 Well that's all i have for today and attached is a poll of fighters we may see return in 2012. Plus have you not noticed that we haven't had any if none at all in regards to cuts/releases ?

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