First look: Season premiere of FUEL TV's 'Ellis Mania' on Nov. 30


Jason Ellis, a former pro skateboarder, actor, mixed martial artist and now full time radio host for the "Jason Ellis Show "on Sirius XM Radio, is also the creator and star of his own show, "Ellis Mania" on FUEL TV.

What is "Ellis Mania" you ask?

As Jason Ellis himself describes it, "It's like Fight Club ... except real and no one is really that handsome."

Simply put, it's an event in which regular people duke it out toe-to-toe in this bizarre and comical annual event of brawls.

From men battling it out in the boxing ring dressed in hilarious costumes, to sexy babes going toe-to toe in their scantily clad bikinis, to a new-age fight rendition of musical chairs, "Ellis Mania" provides viewers with a tongue-in-cheek look at fans seeking their 15 minutes of fame in the combat sports world.

Past guests and participants on the show include: X-Games legend Travis Pastrana, guitarist and vocalist for the rock band "Good Charlotte" Benji Madden, television and radio personality Riki Rachtman, former WEC and UFC lightweight Kit Cope and current UFC middleweight contender, Jason Miller.

This season FUEL TV brings more hilarity and entertainment to the small screen. had an exclusive sneak peek at the season premiere of "Ellis Mania 7"  which is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Have a look.

This year's season kicks off with the reigning and defending Musical chair fight champion, Michael Soria, aka "Butterballs," seeking to defend his title against another hopeful who wants his chance at glory.

Musical chair fights is not your grandfathers game of musical chairs -- it's a new, revamped game that requires quickness, agility and the willingness to box at a moment's notice.

In the Ellis Mania version of musical chairs, participants are required to dress up in their funniest and craziest costumes and be prepared to box a full minute should you fail to obtain a chair.

The objective is simple:

Much like the classical version of musical chairs, six competitors walk around a set of chairs as the music plays, once it stops, then you sit on a chair.

However in true Ellis Mania form, there is a twist. The two men who fail to get a chair then have to go mano-a-mano with 16-ounce boxing gloves for a full minute. The loser is eliminated while the winner gets back into the rotation for the next round of musical chairs. This means, even though you won your first bout, you still have to be prepared to take another fight should you fail yet again to obtain a chair.

Taking a page from the pre-Zuffa UFC era, the musical chair fight has no weight classes, which means a 185-pounder can be matched up with a 230-pounder at a moment's notice.

Don't worry, all is well as all participants are protected by full head gear and mouthpieces. Their objective: Reach the finals in order to have the opportunity to dethrone last season's champion, "Butterballs."

Are the participants professional fighters? Let's just say, it's a good thing the bouts were only scheduled for a one minute round.

The event, though not a professionally sanctioned bout, gives a regular willing "Joe" an opportunity to test themselves and go toe-to-toe with another person to see what they're made of.

In what was an entertaining episode that saw a sailor face off against a clown and an Elvis-impersonator instigating and getting a few licks in himself, Ellis Mania proves that anyone can have his/her 15 minutes of fame in combat sports and possibly become a reality TV star.

Well that, and it also shows just how superior an athlete a fighter is when compared to an untrained, everyday man.

Is it meant to be taken seriously? No, it's all in good fun and for pure entertainment -- and that's what viewers should keep in mind. It's probably not for everybody as it's aimed for a mature audience; however, one thing is for sure: if you're a fan of comedy and combat sports, once you see one episode, you're likely to come back for another.

Does "Butterballs" hang on to his musical chair fights title in the season premiere and make it two for two? Or will another undiscovered combatant step up and dethrone the champ?

Tune into to FUEL TV on Wednesday November 30, 2011 at 9 p.m. ET/PT to find out, as Jason Ellis brings you an all new season of full-contact stupidity with "Ellis Mania 7."

This seasons guests include X-games legend Dave Mirra and professional motocross rider Brian Deegan.

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