MMAmania FFB Week 12 Recap **Updated**

Week 12 is in the books, one week to go, and then its the playoffs.


Which actually leads me to something I wanted to bring up.  The league was set up so that the standings are based on win/loss and then points.  However, that doesn't always seem to be the case.  A couple of weeks ago, two teams had the same win/loss record however one team had more points and a better divisional record, however they were ranked below the other team in the standings.  It made no sense.  I am proposing that since we have always said that points in the tie-breaker for teams with the same win/loss record that we stick with it and I will adjust the playoff seedings if necessary.  Does this make sense to everyone?  Division winners will still get the 1 and 2 seeds, this is just for the "wildcard teams".  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


Without further adeiu,here are the top 5 fantasy players for the week:


1.  Drew Brees - 44 points - Deuce

2.  Victor Cruz - 36 points - DetroitDrew

3.  Tom Brady - 34 points - NickDiazfan

4.  Ryan Fitzpatrick - 31 points - Buster Bluth's bench

4.  Wes Welker - 31 points - The General



And now a look at the final scores of the Week 12 matchups


ViolentMike - 132

jay - 135

A big night by Jimmy Graham gives Jay the big win, and $20.


NickDiazfan - 152

DetroitDrew - 133



Deuce - 140

kevjack -99

Brees goes crazy and kevin goes to the B League


The General - 156*

Puck Head - 122

This game just might be the end of Puck's season


Buster Bluth - 116*

Dragay - 106

Buster is continuing to make his case for a playoff birth


Ulf Murpny - 111

mmachamp - 112

HA!!!  Ulf was up by 21 points and mmachamp only had Lance Moore and his projected 9 points to play.  So what's he do?  He scores 22.


And now lets take a look at our current standings:


Rank Team W-L-T Pct   Div   Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
*1. The General 9-3-0 .750   5-3-0   1762 1516 W-4 6 17
5. Buster Bluth 7-5-0 .583   6-2-0   1446 1430 W-2 9 19
6. ViolentMike 6-6-0 .500   4-4-0   1486 1454 L-2 8 44
7. jay. 6-6-0 .500   4-4-0   1376 1352 W-1 4 14
9. Puck Head 5-7-0 .417   3-5-0   1451 1534 L-2 5 21
11. Dragay 5-7-0 .417   2-6-0   1377 1422 L-1 10 36
Division 2
*2. League Votes(Champ) 8-4-0 .667   5-3-0   1527 1425 W-1 11 20
3. DetroitDrew1980 7-5-0 .583   5-3-0   1644 1537 W-2 12 27
4. BJPennfan 7-5-0 .583   5-3-0   1495 1487 L-1 7 11
8. Deuce02 6-6-0 .500   5-3-0   1353 1439 W-3 2 6
10. Ulf Murphy 5-7-0 .417   3-5-0   1439 1521 L-3 3 17
12. kevjack115 1-11-0 .083   1-7-0   1473 1712 L-11 1 9



And a peek at Week 13's schedule along with the playoff scenarios.


ViolentMike vs Buster Bluth - Winner of this game is in the playoffs.  Loser can still make it depending on the outcome of other matchups.  Buster can lose and still make it as long as Jay doesn't win and outscore Buster by 69.   If i lose and jay and Deuce also lose, I still sneak into the playoffs.

Deuce vs NickDiazfan - If Diaz wins, he is in the playoffs.  And even if he loses, he should still make the playoffs.   Deuce needs a win and a VM loss in order to make the playoffs. 


Dragay vs Puck Head - Dragay is out of the race.  Puck needs me, Jay and Deuce to all lose and outscore me by like 30 points to make the playoffs.


DetroitDrew vs Ulf Murphy - Drew is in the playoffs and can even earn a bye if he wins and mmachamp loses  As for Ulf, he needs an act of God to make the playoffs.  Its still mathematically possible, but very unlikely.


The General vs jay - The General has clinched a bye and Jay needs a win coupled with a VM loss to make the playoffs.


mmachamp vs kevjack - Kev has been out of the race for weeks and mmachamp earns the first round bye with a win or a DetroitDrew loss.

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