Opinion: Frankie Edgar is a Boring Fighter



     There has been a big debate recently about rather if Frankie Edgar is a boring fighter or not. The fact that we are even having this discussion shows that there is some truth behind that claim.Here are a couple points that prove he indeed is on the sleepier side:

1. He is not a Big Draw

Yes, I understand that lighter wieght classes generally dont draw as good as the bigger ones. But if we take a look at the man who he proceeded as champ, we will find otherwise. BJ Penn is considered one of the bigger draws in MMA and he fights (or fought) at lighter wieght classes. He was a draw because he is an EXCITING fighter. He finishes fights. Not one, not two, but many. And the style he implements is exciting. He will fight you, Trade with you, or submit you. Hes going to try to finish. He doesnt implement the stick and move concept to win rounds and decisions.

Also since Frankie fought BJ Penn Twice, That shouldve been plenty enough proving ground to show off edgars style. And the numbers dont lie, he is not a draw.

2. He doesnt finish fights

This isnt a huge knock, considering his last 4 fights he fought two of the toughset LW's out there. But the same could be said for another young champ Jon Jones. Jones has beaten 2 legends of the sport (Shogun and Rampage) and did it in dominating fashion. Shogun has never been dominated the way he was against JJ ever. And rampage had never been finished in UFC career.

He is not a finisher, and one finish does not change that.

3. His style

Frankie Edgar implements the Stick and move style of offense. No one can deny this. Him and Dominick Cruz can thank all of there success from this.

The stick and move style of offense is one that doesnt excite many fans, and nor should it. Throwing punches, Kicks, and combos without the intent of finishing, or at least damaging is not what this sport is about.

For anyone who disagrees that he doesnt implement the "pitter patter" style of offense, do your self a favor (or diservice in my eyes) and watch rounds 2 and 3 of edgar/maynard 3. There is a good chance, you will regret it and ask for the last ten minutes of your life back.


I just want to say on a side not that I do respect the fighting abilities of Edgar. He is a champ for a reason. Just a dull one IMO. His heart and toughness can not be questioned, but his excitement can. Dominick Cruz is a more severe version of the Pitter Patter style.

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