Division Strength

A lot of times, while I'm training I start to ponder what weight class I would like to fight in. Generally you want to fight in the lowest weight class available. I'm 5'8 more of a stocky muscular build, and would probably be best suited for 155 with a decent weight cut.


But then, I look on with horror , at the LW division. This has to be the shark tank to end all shark tanks. After the jump, we take a look at the LW division in depth...


Let's use the rankings from this site....


1) Frankie Edgar

2) Gilbert Melendez

3) Gray Maynard

4) Eddie Alvarez

4) Ben Henderson

6) Shinya Aoki

7) Clay Guida

8) Jim Miller

9) Anthony Pettis

10 ) Dennis Siver

11) Melvin Guiilard

12 ) Nate Diaz

13 ) Donald Cerrone

14) BJ Penn

15) Joe Lauzon

16)  Sean Sherk

17 ) Evan Dunham

18 ) Rafeal Dos Anjos

19) Gleason Tibau

20) Matt Wiman

21) Jorge Masividal

22) Sam Stout

23 ) Josh Thompson

24) Kawajiri

25 ) Kenny Florian




Like seriously. Are you kidding me? This has got to be the scariest top 25 ever. There's no breathing room anywhere. I think LW is probably the worst place to ever fight, or perhaps best place considering what you are looking for...

Now sure, you may want to mix up the numbers here and there, but without a doubt this is a seriously stacked squad.  In the top 10 you will find some seriously talented competitiors in any weight class. But to see how stacked a weight class is, is essentially how far those " fringe " top ten guys go down. This weight class covers all the way to 25 with no problem.

Essentially meaning, the talent gap between 1-10 and 11-25 is not that wide.

Is LW the toughest division for anyone to have ever fought in? I think so, and I think so by a long shot. I don't think WW is anywhere near as competitive, and LHW doesn't have the same depth. FW and BW are still being built up...

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