Mike Pierce reveals brutal sparring session involving Rick Story and aspiring MMA fighter

Photo of UFC welterweight Rick Story via Fighters.com.

Sweep the leg!

Fresh off the recent announcement that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight prospect Rick Story signed a four-fight contract extension with the promotion, despite losing back-to-back fights, a former training partner has come forward with a chilling training tale that involved "The Horror."

Mike Pierce, also a player in the UFC's loaded 170-pound division, trained alongside Story at Brave Legion Gym. That is until Pierce witnessed an incident so disturbing that he says it compelled him to train elsewhere.

As a guest on Joe Show Radio, Pierce detailed an incident in training during which Story laid down a brutal beating on a mixed martial arts (MMA) amateur who apparently just wasn't doing it right.

Read Pierce's detailed account after the jump (full audio is also included):

"This kid drove all the way from Iowa. He was a wrestler, a wrestler looking to be an MMA guy, he hardly didn't have any experience, out to Vancouver, WA to learn how to fight. And you know, [the trainer] was getting frustrated with him because he was doing what beginners do when they get beat on by a guy that's really experienced, you know. He was covering up, backing away, putting his his head down. Typical beginner-like stuff. And he [the trainer] was getting frustrated, so he told myself and Ricky just to go in there and knock this guy out. That's not what you do to teammates, man. There's a time and a place for that, but in the training room? That's probably a little far.... I refused to do it, and I went in there and sparred like you're supposed to spar. And Ricky went in there and just starts wailing on the guy. And keep in mind that this kid had already had some sort of a head trauma anyway, where he was having vertigo issues. He would sleep and lay in his bed at night and look at the ceiling and it would spin. Okay, obviously there was some sort of a head trauma with the guy. And then, Ricky goes in there and starts wailing on this guy.... Now you know, we're just boxing. It's just boxing sparring. So the guy takes a knee after taking a few nasty shots. Takes a knee with one hand on his head and the other one waving off saying 'Hold on, hold on, my head', and then you know, [the trainer's] all over saying 'F**k it, keeping hitting him'. So Ricky grabs him by the back of the head and starts uppercutting him in the face, like that's okay?... I was just shaking my head, like, you gotta be f**king kidding me, man."

Chilling to say the least if it is indeed entirely accurate. Story, who is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Martin Kampmann this past weekend at UFC 139: "Shogun vs. Henderson," or his head trainer at Brave Legion Gym in Vancouver, Wash., Pat White, have yet to comment on the incident.

Either way, it probably wouldn't be the first, or the last, time an up-and-comer gets "taught a lesson" he will never forget in training.

The old school famed Chute Boxe fight team, which housed fighters such as Mauricio Rua and Wanderlei Silva, had been known to have brutal training sessions and often times we here of tales of all out sparring sessions and training partners knocking each other out. The old Pat Miletich camp, which included former UFV welterweight champion Matt Hughes, were also known for their intense, relentless sessions.

However, this incident appears to cross the line.

Full audio below:

Mike Pierce Tells about Rick Story Training Beatdown (via joeshowradio).

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