MMAmania FFB Week 11 Recap

Week 11 is now complete.  There are only 2 weeks of the regular season remaining in fantasy land.  So far The General is the only one to punch his ticket to the post season.  The rest of us, minus Kevin, are still duking it out to see who will claim the remaining 5 spots and are only separated by 2 games.  These next two weeks will be interesting to say the least.


Now lets see who were the Top 5 Fantasy Performers for the week:


1. Kevin Smith - 42 points - Free Agent! 

2. Matt Stafford - 39 points - Kevjack's bench.  And to make it worse, if he started him he would have beat DetrioitDrew

3. Nate Washington - 32 points - The General

4. Ray Rice - 31 points - Dragay

5. Jordy Nelson - 30 points - kevjack


And now onto the highlights for Week 11's matchups:


The General - 150

ViolentMike - 135

The General avenges his loss from week two and clinches a spot in the playoffs despite ViolentMike having the second highest score in the league for the week.  ViolentMike had 4 players score over 20 points - Cam, Percy, MJD and Chris Ogbannaya.   After Denarius Moore's big 29 point game last Thursday he puts up a two point turd of a game (DEUCE!!!!!).  For The General, Willis McGahee put up a -1, but lucky for Geno, he has Rodgers to save the day.  Rodgers continued to score over 25 points as he's done in every game this season.  Simply amazing.  Also Nate Washington (32) had a big game once Jake Locker replaced the inured Hasselbeck (elbow). 


DetroitDrew - 127

Kevjack115 - 115

For DetroitDrew, Jay Cutler put up 28 points.  But after the game it was revealed that Cutler has an injured thumb and will miss around 6-8 weeks.  Will Drew be forced to start his first round pick Michael Vick, or can he find something better on waivers?  I hear that Caleb Hanie is still available.  Lets see... What else.   Cruz (24) and Gronkowski (25) both came up big.  As for Kev, it was already noted above that if he started Stafford over Eli he would have won.  Also, if he played a kicker that wasn't on bye, he might have won as well. 


Deuce - 114

mmachamp - 101

Don't look now, but Deuce is on a motherfucking roll!  Last night he had a great come from behind victory behind Breaston's 15 and especially  New England Def's 22.  Defensive wins championships, but in this case, defense won the game.  That's all.  No championships in line for Deucey.   And I gotta mention some of the studly performances by mmachamp's players.  Greg Jennings scored 2 points.  Deion Branch scored 3.  And Kregg Fatty Lumpkin put up a solo point.


Buster Bluth - 125

Puck Head - 121

This close matchup featured a couple of high scoring WR's.  Buster's Torrey Smith put up 28, and Puck Head's Vincent Jackson put up 29.  Puck would have gotten the win here had James Jones done something, but he decided not to and put up a goose egg.


Dragay - 131

Jay - 90

The gayest game of the season by  far.  And Dragay came out the gayest.  No surprises here folks.  Gay Dragay had Vincent Brown put up 1 point and Jake Ballard put up 2.  Gay Jay featured 1 point from Mario Manningham and another 1 from Beanie Wells.  Fags.


NickDiazFan - 103

Ulf Murphy - 96

Do you remember two weeks ago when Ulf thought his team had finally turned the corner and he was going to make a run to the top?  Yeah.  Me too.  It seems so long ago now.  Diaz was able to win despite zero points from Ochocinco (why would anyone start him?) and 1 point from Ryan Grant. 



And now a look at the current standings:


Rank Team W-L-T Pct   Div   Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
*1. The General 8-3-0 .727   4-3-0   1606 1394 W-3 9 16
5. ViolentMike 6-5-0 .545   4-3-0   1354 1319 L-1 6 42
6. Buster Bluth 6-5-0 .545   5-2-0   1329 1324 W-1 7 18
7. Puck Head 5-6-0 .455   3-4-0   1329 1377 L-1 8 21
9. Dragay 5-6-0 .455   2-5-0   1271 1306 W-3 11 35
10. jay. 5-6-0 .455   3-4-0   1241 1220 L-4 5 14
Division 2
2. BJPennfan 7-4-0 .636   5-2-0   1362 1335 W-1 1 10
3. League Votes(Champ) 7-4-0 .636   4-3-0   1415 1314 L-1 12 18
4. DetroitDrew1980 6-5-0 .545   4-3-0   1492 1404 W-1 10 22
8. Ulf Murphy 5-6-0 .455   3-4-0   1328 1409 L-2 4 17
11. Deuce02 5-6-0 .455   4-3-0   1213 1340 W-2 3 6
12. kevjack115 1-10-0 .091   1-6-0   1374 1572 L-10 2 9



And lastly, a peak at next week's schedule:

ViolentMike vs Jay - We got a $20 bet on this matchup

Deuce vs Kevjack - The worst record vs the worst team.  *FAAART*

Dragay vs Buster Bluth - Fighting for playoff spots

DetroitDrew vs NickDiazfan - Two of the top teams in Division 2

The General vs Puck Head - Will Geno start to rest his players for the playoffs? 

mmachamp vs Ulf Murphy - Another easy win for Champ as Ulf continues his losing ways.

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