MMA Mania Free Pool: UFC 139 Results

Hey guys sorry im late. Got some revision to do for upcoming exams so hitting the books pretty hard right now. I wasnt able to watch the main card live but i did see it a few hours ago and all i can say is wow. In my opinion the fight that Shogun and Hendo put on was top 5 in history. The twists and turns of that match made me think i was watching pro wrestling. Along those lines anyone catch the rock today? He looked fairly freaking good. Also Sunday we seen Wanderlei at his violent best. Cung Le did put up a great fight though and im very interested to see where he goes from here. Hopefully he stays and continues to put on good shows. Urijah Faber also made a huge impact Sunday by destroying the always tough Brian Bowles. I cant wait for Faber/Cruz 3. I hope Faber smashes him as im one of the few who actually likes Urijah. I think hes a very kind person and is great for the smaller guys to look up to. Also how good was Chris Weidman? This kid just keeps looking better and better. Time for some tougher guys i say. I like a fight with Leben myself.

Alright now lets get into the free poolers. We actually put up a good fight this week and the scores were fairly positive all the way down. Even Phase decided to show up this week ;)

In first place was redfox54 with a very solid score of 80. He went 10/12 while getting full points on Silva, Torres, Bacyznski and Mcdonald. Great score man even without the hot bout. Keep it up.

In second was not yours truly for once ;) This week seen Stazza take out the runners up award by scoring 77 points. He went 8/12 while getting full points on Torres, Bader and Bonnar. Thats a quality score bro keep it up.

In third was PedroPark with a score of 75. He went 8/10 while scoring full points from Torres, Bacyznski and Bonnar. Nice stuff bro. Keep those scores coming and you might be able to sneak up the table before the end of the season.

Sorry for the lateness guys. Promise ill be quick again next week.

Heres the complete ufc 139 results:

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 80 redfox54 View Picks
2 77 Stazza View Picks
3 75 PedroPark View Picks
4 68 ItalianStallion54 View Picks
5 64 tenjotenge View Picks
6 56 thunderdownunder View Picks
7 55 Phasebook View Picks
8 53 liverpoolsnxt View Picks
9 49 karpentero View Picks
10 48 MrGrapplefan View Picks
11 47 Raymondo View Picks
12 45 michi View Picks
13 42 CDSmid View Picks
14 41 Rolandando View Picks
15 40 marcbjr2 View Picks
16 38 dzerkz21

View Picks

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