Mania Free Pool: UFC 139 (Shogun vs Hendo)

Phase's By the Books:

War of the Decade (Century)?: A lot of people are saying that Shogun and Hendo fought for what can be termed as the fight of the decade. I have to disagree. What I have to agree, though, is that Shogun and Hendo gave all their best. It stops there. It pains me to see how Hendo and Shogun  gassed beginning in the third round. Now, two men fighting like Zombies beginning in the fourth round do not qualify as fight of the decade. Besides, how is that fight any different from a Leonard Garcia-fight? A fight of the decade should have two fighters, disciplined enough not to get gassed, fighting their hearts out such that their skills already cancel out each other and the only one that can determine a winner is who has the heart and will power to want it more. If Shogun and Hendo fought back and forth and we call it fight of the decade (or even some call it Century), then how do we call Don-Frye-Takayama's fight in Pride?

Wanderlei is Back (or is he?): Wanderlei Silva might have won but I doubt those who say that he is back. He hurt Le with those knees but Le was never out when the referee stopped it. That referee should have done Josh Rosenthal's job during the Hendo-Shogun fight and not deprived us of a third round to that fight. Wanderlei semmed not willing to engage in the first round and a soft punch rattled him. He looks tentative and more calculated with his attacks. I don't see how h's back. He won that fight but I have serious reservations what he can do if he fought more complete fighters like Belcher, Munoz, Okami and Sonnen. 

Faber was impressive but do we care about Faber-Cruz III?: I never thought in my life that Faber will be able to finish a fight in the UFC considering that he is now facing elite fighters, new breed fighters and top of the heap competition like Brian Bowles is. I don't know what happened to Bowles who looked afraid to engage. No matter how good Faber is though I do not see him winning over Cruz. Faber-Barao would be something that I look forward to.

Now let's head on to the Free Pool:

Overall, the free poolers (as always) was garbage compared to the money poolers but hey, our first placer is in third place in the money pool. That is something at least we can be proud of. 

Getting the bragging rights for this event is redfox54 who scored an event high of 80 points. He got 9/11 correct picks. He secured full points for Wanderlei, MacDonald, Torres, and Baczynski. Way to go redfox. Trying to still bait Red Riding Hood in the top spot eh?

Second place is the comeback kid Stazza who seemed to get his acts together finally in this season only after 8 events. He scored 77 points, got full points on the hot bout, Bader and Torres. Good score but too late to catch up though. Next season perhaps Stazza.

Third place is Pedro Park who scored 75 points by getting the hot bout, Torres and Baczynski full points. Good event Jam Park.

Cellar dweller of the night is once again dzerks who scored four 7's on Silva, Bader, Weidman and Tibau and got 28 points. At least you scored better this time punk. 

The rest of the scores:

redfox54 - 80

Stazza - 77

PedroPark - 75

ItalianStallion54 - 68

tenjotenge - 64

thunderdownunder - 56

Phasebook - 55

liverpoolsnxt - 53

karpentero - 49

MrGrappleFan - 48

Raymondo - 47

michi - 45

CDSmid - 42

Rolandando - 41

Marcbjr2 - 40

dzerks21- 38


As for the overall stats, thunderdownunder is still lording it at the top. I hope he gets to have a G-Sot performance the next two events so we can still topple his dictatorship on top. lol. The duo of MrGrappleFan and michi remained the bridesmaids for the season. The Stallion also quietly sneaked in the top 5 and might actually make it to the top 3 if he continues with his consistency

The scores after 8 events:

1) thunderdownunder - 480

2) MrGrapplefan - 445

3) michi - 443

4) Rolandando - 418

5) ItalianStallion54 - 387

6) Stazza - 385

7) marcbjr2 - 379

8) Phasebook - 377

9) redfox54 - 375

10) liverpoolsnxt - 368

11) karpentero - 324

12) tenjotenge - 309

13) dzerks21- 308

14) CDSmid - 272

15) Raymondo - 266

16) PedroPark - 260

17) Cruz-Jackson - 208

18) chrism - 168

19) suneohair - 123

20) polpog - 18


Comments, criticisms and violent reactions are welcome Maniacs. 

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