Fight analysis: Did Werdum really outstrike Overeem


There is this misconception among many people on this site that believe Werdum outstruck Overeem. Yes, technically, he did. He threw more punches and kicks.  But how many of Werdums strikes were meaningful? Overeem clearly landed the better shots and also had a significant grappling advantage as far as takedowns, that you will soon find out were not represented correctly.

It just irks me when I still see people on this site that believe Werdum beat Overeem on the feet, and won the fight overall. Many of them point out the fight metric stats. Well lets take a look.

Fight Metric

  After the fight, a fight metric report came out and it reported that Werdum was believed to have won the fight 29-28 based on the number of strikes that werdum landed. I like to call them "pitter patter" but fight metric sees them differently. Still i feel there is a huge discrepancy missing with the fight metric report that was not pointed out.

Note: Overeem is not credited with successful takedowns because a takedown requires that the attempting fighter establish a ground-based advantageous position.

That is huge. Everytime werdum closed in for maybe a takedown or some kind of trip Overeem TOSSED, yes tossed werdum across the mat. This is a huge display of dominance that does not show up on the Fight metric report. If those throws were counted for overeem, it would be clear on fight metric, that Overeem won the fight.

Here are some gifs


These are some of the strikes that Werdum threw against Overeem. The entire first round was a rinse and repeat of this.


This is one of the only few significant strikes thrown the first round. In total, probaly about 2 or 3 knees, and a couple hooks from overeem.


Im a big believer in quality over quanity. While Werdum may have thrown more punches, I have significant doubts that any of them affected Overeem the slightest. Obviously the judges felt the same way..

There are a couple factors you have to consider when reviewing this fight.

1. Werdum really had no intention of doing damage in the standup. All of his punches and kicks were really thrown to set up a takedown or for overeem to bite for a takedown. In other words...ALL FLUFF

2. The fight metric doesnt tell the true story, and gives overeem no credit for the ability to keep the fight were he wanted it and tossing Werdum like a paper ball whenever he wanted.

3.  This was not the greatest showing from Overeem. He only focused on power punching and countering Werdum in this fight. Nethertheless, he got the job done. Lets not forget this guys is a K-1 World champion. To think that Werdum can really outpoint Overeem is a little ridculous. But in a mma fight, werdum can throw more strikes, but that still doesnt mean any of them were meaningful. Quality over Quanity.

In conclusion I just want to say that outstriking someone does not prove anything. Jake shields "outsruck" GSP for two rounds, but does anybody really think he got the better of him. Hell I could outstrike JDS for about 15 seconds, but all he would need is one and its done. Once again Quality over Quanity people!

Heres a link to the fight metric stats of the Overeem/Werdum 2 fight

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