MMAmania FFB Week 10 Recap - UPDATED

Week 10 of the NFL season is just about in the books.  All we have left is tonight’s game between the Packers and Vikings.  Why does it feel like I just watched this lopsided matchup in primetime?  The NFL schedule makers must have really thought the Vikings would have a good year.  Boy, were they wrong.


Here are the top 5 fantasy performers for Week 10, thus far – until Aaron Rodgers plays.


  1. Arian Foster – 34 points – Puck Head
  2. Larry Fitzgerald – 33 points – Ulf Murphy
  3. Michael Bush – 32 points – Puck Head
  4. Tom Brady – 31 points – NickDiazfan
  1. Rob Gronkowski – 31 points – Detroit Drew



And now a look at our current matchups:


ViolentMike – 126 (Percy Harvin and Jermichael Finley)

Kevjack – 118 (Jordy Nelson)

Cam scores a season low 11 points but team ViolentMike is able to make up for it with two fantastic WR waiver wire pick ups this week – Denarius Moore (29) and Laurent Robinson (22).  For team kevjack, Stevie Johnson was disappointing with only 2 points but Chris Johnson finally decided to show up this season and put up a huge 29 points.  This $25 matchup will be decided tonight.  If Jordy gets a TD, this will get interesting.  If he doesn’t it should be a VM win.


Puck Head – 131* (James Jones and Green Bay Def)

Detroit Drew – 125

After this games, both of these teams are .500.  Michael Vick had a bad game last week only scoring 9 fantasy points.  So he followed up this week with an 8 point performance.  It should be clear to everyone by now that last season was simply Michael Vick’s career season.  He isn’t really that good.  Gronkowski had a big day, but it was no match for Puck Head’s two headed monster at RB in Arian Foster and Michael Bush.


Deuce – 115*

Buster Bluth – 67

67 points?   There weren’t even any teams on bye this week.  How did it happen?  7 of Busters starter’s scored 6 points or less.  Including Frank Gore whose 1 point didn’t help before leaving the game due to injury.  Deuce’s team performed to its projections and got the win.


The General – 115 (Aaron Rodgers)

Ulf Murphy – 114 – (Adrian Peterson)

Game of the week right here folks!  This game is coming down to tonight’s two biggest stars – Rodgers and Peterson.  You gotta give Rodgers the edge in the heavyweight matchup, but Peterson is more than capable of the upset.  Coming into the season, The General’s biggest weakness was his RB’s.  This week DeMarco Murray put up 28 points and Reggie Bush put up 20 and were the two highest scorers on his team.  Ulf ripped Jay off in a trade this week ;-) and ended with Larry Fitz and his 33 points.  Otherwise, he’d be getting smoked.


Dragay – 85 (Mason Crosby)

NickDiazfan – 73 (James Starks)

Dragay better hope Crosby scores at least 15, otherwise this sub 100 point win will be stricken from the records.  If his Chiefs were able to contain Tebow and the Broncos rushing attack, he’d be in much better shape to break triple digits, but the KC Def only scored 1 point.  A division leader scoring 73 points, and there are no byes?  What a shame.  The Law Firm with a goose egg.  Kevin Walter and Baltimore Def put up one apiece and Dwayne Bowe chipped in with a 3.  *Fart*


mmachamp – 124* (Greg Jennings)

Jay – 113

Oh my goodness.  The Bears Def put up 36 points!!!  WOW.  mmachamp can thank them for this win.  Jay had a few dogs on his team, as Jason Avant, Mike Thomas and Jets Def all scored 2 points or fewer.

Now that Week 10 in completed, lets have a looksy at the final scores before Geno blows a gasket (or a random dude).


And a look at the current standings:



Rank Team W-L-T Pct   Div   Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
1. The General 7-3-0 .700 
 3-3-0   1456 1259 W-2 10 16
4. ViolentMike 6-4-0 .600  
4-2-0   1219 1169 W-1 7 39
7. Puck Head 5-5-0 .500
3-3-0   1208 1252 W-5 9 21
8. Buster Bluth 5-5-0 .500 4-2-0   1204 1203 L-2 8 18
9. jay. 5-5-0 .500 3-3-0   1151 1089 L-3 6 13
10. Dragay 4-6-0 .400 1-5-0   1140 1216 W-2 12 35
Division 2
2. League Votes(Champ) 7-3-0 .700 4-2-0   1314 1200 W-6 4 17
3. BJPennfan 6-4-0 .600 4-2-0   1259 1239 L-3 1 10
5. DetroitDrew1980 5-5-0 .500 3-3-0   1365 1289 L-1 11 22
6. Ulf Murphy 5-5-0 .500 3-3-0   1232 1306 L-1 5 17
11. Deuce02 4-6-0 .400 3-3-0   1099 1239 W-1 3 6
12. kevjack115 1-9-0 .100 1-5-0   1259 1445 L-9 2 9



And a peak at this week schedule:


ViolentMike vs The General - The top two teams in Division 1 face off for the 2nd time this season.  In Week two, ViolentMike defeated The General 119 - 102


Deuce vs mmachamp - Deuce, your team still sucks.  Easy win for mmachamp here.


Dragay vs Jay - fags


DetroitDrew vs Kevjack - These two met in week 2 and Drew won 220 - 180 in our highest scoring game of the season.


Buster Bluth vs Puck Head - Both teams are .500 and are projected to have a very close matchup.  Who wants it more?


NickDiazfan vs Ulf Murphy - If NickDiazfan can properly fill in the holes on his team created by Week 12 byes, he should come away with an easy win.  But if he makes some very bad choices, Ulf could continue to climb the division 2 standings.

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