Mania Free Pool: UFC On Fox 1 Results.

Junior Dos Santos is a scary, scary man. He proved in 64 seconds that he is the baddest man on the planet (Sorry Brock). Ben Henderson proved me wrong tonight and earned himself a title fight in the land of the rising sun against Frankie Edgar sometime next year. Smooth may arguably be the best thing to come from the UFC-WEC merger. Also on the relatively stacked undercard tonight was a hard hitting showdown between Dustin Poirier and the always exciting Pablo Garza. The Diamond dominated this fight from the outset and this fight was never in doubt. Any ideas on who Poirier should fight next? I think he needs one more win and then he can battle Aldo/Mendes.

Alright now lets get to the free poolers results.

Our average scores this week were actually not to bad compared to the rest of Playground.

In first place and back towards the top after a few very tough events was marcbjr2 with a score of 66. He went 7/10 and got full points on the hot bout with Robbie Peralta and Darren Uyenoyama. I know i gave him shit last week and may or may not have threatened to kick him out of the league but well done bro, great comeback.

This week i managed to take out second place with a score of 56. I went 7/10 also and only got full points on Bruce Leroy and Aaron Rosa. I thought i could of done much better as i didnt score a point in the last 3 fights. I know Mr Grapple is happy with that, I did it for you mate.

In third place this week was ItallionStallion54 with a score of 49. He went 6/10 on the night and picked up full points on JDS and Henderson. Nice pics bro keep it up and you might hit the lead soon.

Dumbass Of The Night: The award this week goes to Karpentero who scored 7 points. This week he actually managed to pick 8 fights which is quiet impressive for him. He went 1/8 as he chose jds by ko in round 2. Keep it up bro by the end of the series you might even be able to pick a whole event. Also Phase your very lucky you didnt recieve this award.

P.s: Anyone that scored points from Robbie Peralta should not be counted. Happy Rolandando?


Here are the rest of the scores:

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 66 marcbjr2 View Picks
2 56 thunderdownunder View Picks
3 49 ItalianStallion54 View Picks
4 48 tenjotenge View Picks
5 47 MrGrapplefan View Picks
6 46 CDSmid View Picks
6 46 Rolandando View Picks
8 43 michi View Picks
9 42 liverpoolsnxt View Picks
9 42 dzerkz21 View Picks
11 37 Stazza View Picks
12 32 redfox54 View Picks
13 28 Phasebook View Picks
14 7 karpentero View Picks


Here are the complete scores after 7 rounds:

Rank Points Player Picks
1 424 thunderdownunder
2 398 michi
3 397 MrGrapplefan
4 377 Rolandando
5 339 marcbjr2
6 322 Phasebook
7 319 ItalianStallion54
8 315 liverpoolsnxt
9 308 Stazza
10 295 redfox54
11 275 karpentero
12 270 dzerkz21
13 245 tenjotenge
14 230 CDSmid
15 219 Raymondo
16 208 Cruz-Jackson
17 185 PedroPark
18 168 chrism
19 123 suneohair
20 18


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