Mania Free Pool: UFC 136 (Edgar-Maynard III)

Phase's by the Books:

Frankie Edgar might be the most underrated, unappreciated and underdog champion in the history of the UFC. Pundits said there's no way he can beat BJ Penn. Guess what he beat BJ not once but twice. They said he will not win against a bigger, stronger, more powerful wrestler with heavy hands and KO power such as Gray Maynard. Guess what, he not only beat Maynard, he KO'ed him. He might not be the #2 pound for pound best fighter in the world (well, Dana White thinks so) but he surely gained a lot of respect and appreciation from fans. I, for one, became a fan of Frankie Edgar. That guy is an elite in the crowded lightweight division. Gilbert Melendez is next.

Kenny Florian might be the unluckiest title contender in the UFC. Three divisions, three chances. Nada. Can he surmount another cut weight and challenge Dominick Cruz? Let's hope not! Jose Aldo, though, went down two or three notches in my books as far as pound for pound rankings are concerned as he seemed to lost that killer instinct and just content himself with grinding a decision. 

Chael Sonnen has the skills but his antics went way higher than what the script writers of the WWE can conceive. Loser leaves type of match? The last time I checked Shawn Michaels was not successful in ending the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. Stann showed his weakness and Chael capitalized. However, I just don't see Chael dethroning the Spider. He will suffer the banishment.

Thank God the judges won't be swayed by Leonard Garcia this time. And Joe Lauzon pulled a rabbit in the event's hat by pulling a submission over heavily favored Melvin Guillard. That submission was fast and slick. I want Joe to face G-Sot, Jim Miller, Cowboy or Charles Oliviera next. 


Now for the free pool. Although no one was able to get Agar's 105 points, the Mania free poolers gave a good fight. The scores for UFC 136 were far more respectable compared to last event. 

For UFC 136, michi went back to his dominating ways and get the top spot for UFC 136 as he got 88 points by going 9/11. He got the hot bout and got the full points on Maia, Elkins, Phan and Simpson. Congratulations michi. Bragging rights baby.

ItalianStalion54 is second as he got 72 points by getting the hot bout and picking 7 out of 11. He got full points for Maia, Phan and Simpson. Getting up the ladder Stallion.

Third place honors went to thunderdownunder who got 66 points. He got the full points, went 7/11 and got full points for Maia and Simpson.

Bottom-dweller of the night is chrism who scored a measly 22 points and got 4/11. Sad day for you lurker. 

The rest of the scores:

michi - 88

ItalianStallion54 - 72

thunderdownunder - 66

CDSmid - 65

Rolandando - 64

liverpoolsnxt - 60

Cruz-Jackson - 59

PedroPark - 50

MrGrappleFan - 49

karpentero - 49

dzerks21 - 47

suneohair - 46

redfox54 - 45

Phasebook - 44

Raymondo - 35

marcbjr2 - 33

tenjo tenge - 31

chrism - 22


After 4 events, michi took the top spot with a stellar UFC 136 performance. Scores are as follows:


michi -  267

MrGrapplefan - 250

Rolandando - 247

thunderdownunder - 244

redfox54 - 201

Phasebook - 200

marcbjr2 - 196

liverpoolsnxt - 194

Stazza - 190

ItalianStallion54 - 185

PedroPark - 185

Cruz-Jackson - 175

karpentero - 173

dzerks21 - 169

Raymondo - 160

CDSmid - 146

tenjotenge - 143

chrism - 127

suneohair - 123

polpog - 18


What  do you think of the event Maniacs? Hit the comments section. michi go display your bragging rights baby. 

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