MMAMania Awards - The Finalists & P4P vote

I counted all the votes from the "Nominees" fanpost, and the results are in.  You guys didn't exactly follow directions on the voting, so I did my best to make sure I counted accurately.  If there were ties, I tried to take someone who may not have been included over someone that was already nominated in several categories.   Check out the finalists after the jump!


The #1 P4P Poster - Favorite Poster

OJR, ViolentMike, and AintNoSunshine


The LMAO Award - Funniest Poster

PW, Scottidog, and SirTickleberry


The Bloody Elbow Memorial Award - Most Annoying Poster

Letter19, Antone, and AintNoSunshine


The MMABrainiac Award - Most knowledgeable poster

NNR, AintNoSunshine, and ULF Murphy


The Get Away From My Bridge Award - Biggest Troll

Danago, HellaHectic, and AintNoSunshine


The Shakespeare Award - Best Writer

Jesse, Geno, and Tom (Sergio tied ANS for 4th place.  Looks like we all agree that the right people are writing for this site.)


The I'd buy that for a dollar award - Best Fanpost

Dak's BE Comic, AK's 2nd pro fight, and Kev's I got into a fight last night


The you'd have to pay me to read that award - Worst Fanpost

LSC/MCTDC nonsense, Wolfie calling out Dak, and Danago's Shogun post


Congratulations to OJR!  The #1 P4P Poster

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