Why Diaz deserves to fight GSP



Last night at UFC 137, in Mandlay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, we saw many things that don't happen every event. We saw the probable retirements of two legends, Mirko Cro Cop and BJ Penn, who both are easy selections for the Hall of the Fame. We also saw the switching of Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz for the title shot against Georges St. Pierre for Superbowl Weekend. 

The decision made by Dana White is obviously one that is very subjective. One could argue that Diaz already had the shot or that he screwed it up and White promised Condit the shot.

Pick your poison, but follow me to the jump so I can tell you why Condit does not deserve the shot just yet...

First off, I am highly aware of the statement that White made a week earlier saying that Condit would keep the title shot. We all know things happen in MMA and White is the last person to usually keep his word on a subjective event. Instead of saying who had the shot and who was promised it, lets look at what is usually determines a number one contender.

Carlos Condit has been on a tear throughout the welterweight division. No one can argue that. His crazy knockouts and TKO's have lit up the highlight reels. While all of that is good and fun, the competition he has faced has not been contender worthy.  He beat Ellenberger two years ago but since then Jake has been on a 5 fight win streak. Also, he beat a strong Rory MacDonald who is also slowly climbing his way back up. I think we all know where Dan Hardy is these days. His last fight was Dong Hyun "Stun Gun' Kim who may be solid competition, but he is not nearly ranked top 15. 

Taking all of this into account, Condit has no wins into the top 10. For the folks saying that this is slowly turning into WWE crap, the right decision was made. Nick Diaz just beat a top ranked WW who went the distance and forced a draw with who most people would argue is number 2 in Jon Fitch

Not only for the actual fight, but from a business standpoint, this fight is going to bring in buckets and buckets of money. UFC has there new bad boy. Most would assume GSP would respect his next opponent and praise them, but after the words Nick Diaz and Cesear Gracie had, a fire has been lit in Georges St. Pierre and I see a storm coming Superbowl Weekend. 

Also, after writing this post, and thinking what is next for Condit, does anyone see a rematch with Ellenberger? That would be fantastic.

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