MMAmania FFB Week 4 Recap

There is one more game that is pretty fantasy irrelevant tonight between the Bucs and Colts. 


So far the top fantasy players of the week are:


1. Aaron Rodgers - 56 points - The General

2. Michael Vick - 36 points - DetroitDrew

3. Matt Forte - 35 points - mmachamp

4. Cam Newton - 33 points - ViolentMike

5. Hakeem Nicks - 32 points - ViolentMike


And now onto our matchups:


ViolentMike - 134

Deuce - 98 (Joseph Addai... good luck with that)

If we did spot you the 20 points, it would be close.  But without the points, I'm 4-0.


Jay - 168*

Ulf Murphy - 78 (Mike Williams)

Wow dude, 78 points?  Its a good think that the maniacs had your back and you won the vote to get into the A-League.  Because by the looks of things, it will be a one and done for the Ulf Man.


Dragay - 143* (Tampa Bay Def)

DetroitDrew - 124

Dragay pulls the upset!  I'm happy.  I didn't want to see the guy go 0-4 and start losing interest.


Buster Bluth - 160*

kevjack - 108 (Kellen Winslow)

Put up 53 points tonight Kellen and prove my asterisk wrong!


The General - 160 (Reggie Wayne)

mmachamp - 135 (Dallas Clark)

Geno should win, but I have seen stranger things happen....


bjpennfan - 150

Puck Head - 112 (Legarrette Blount)

If Blount caught passes out of the backfield, he'd have a small glimmer of hope to reach 39 points.  But he doesn't.


Since I don't expect anything to change tonight, the standings currently look like this:


Division 1
ViolentMike 4-0-0
The General 3-1-0

Buster Bluth 3-1-0

jay. 3-1-0
Dragay 1-3-0
Puck Head 0-4-0


Division 2

bjpennfan 4-0-0

DetroitDrew1980 2-2-0

kevjack115 1-3-0

Ulf Murphy 1-3-0

League Votes(Champ) 1-3-0
. Deuce02 1-3-0



Looks like Division 1 has all the good teams!!!  Step it up Division 2.

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