Any Mein's Necessary: Get to know Jordan Mein


When you think Canada and mixed martial arts (MMA) you think of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. When you think of hottest welterweight prospect in the UFC you think of his TriStar teammate Rory McDonald.

Now when i say Jordan Mein you think......what?

The talent pool in Strikeforce has gone down since the Zuffa purcahse earlier this year. The Strikeforce welterweight pool lost a huge name in Nick Diaz leaving for greener pastures. Paul Daley also exited after back to back losses. The top two talents are Tyrone Woodley and yes, Jordan Mein.  We know a little about Woodley but i think you should learn about Jordan Mein  alittle more.

Join me after the jump to find out why


The UFC and Canada have had a fond love affair many didn't recognize at first glance but it is there. The UFC has had Canadian fighters like Harold Howard, Patrick Cote, Tim Hague, David Loiseau, Georges St.Pierre, Rory McDonald, Mark Hominick,Sam Stout and Krzyszto Soszynski have come up and down the ranks.

More specifically the province of Quebec has produced some of the best middleweights and welterweights over the past 5-8 years spawning from regional promotion-now defunct TKO Major League MMA. Even former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) poster boy Urijah Faber cut his teeth there.

The west coast consisting mainly of Alberta has also been a volcano of talent. The volcano has evidently flowed through Lethbridge and into the Canadian Martial Arts Center (CMMA).

Head trainer and father Lee Mein has been the one guiding son Jordan through mixed martial arts. At the tender age of just 21 Mein has gathered 30 fights. Of those 30 fights he has accumulated 23 wins while 20 of 23 were by stoppage.

Mein has faced a variety of nobody to tough nosed veterans in his thirty fights but his stiffest fight may in fact been his professional debut in June of 2006. Before jumping to the professional ranks, Mein amassed an impressive 6-1 amatuer record. His father Lee was not only his head trainer but also a promoter who ran Rumble in the Cage out of Alberta.

On June 17th, 2006 Jordan would fight on the Rumble in the Cage 17 card against future welterweight prospect Rory McDonald. McDonald has already had two professional fights where he won both by rear naked choke. He had also contested under the bright lights of King of the Cage at KOTC: Canada Anarchy.

The young guns would have a good fight but the more experienced McDonald would be the better fighter on ths night as he won his third straight fight by rear naked choke.

As McDonald ascended-Mein struggled.

Mein would go 3-4 in his first seven professional bouts that saw him lose by rear naked choke 3 times and win by rear naked choke two times. He never lost a decision in his first fights so that means all four of his losses through seven were stoppages.

Following his 3-4 record, Mein would go  avery impressive 14-2 over regional talent until he'd have his second leap in opponent quality. At Rumble in the Cage 40 would face fellow welterweight prospect Jason High. High was coming off back to back loses to Marius Zaromskis and Cahrlie Brenneman and needed to get back in the win column. He did so when he would best Mein by way of unanimous decision.

The two would go on undefeated streaks from that point on and once again Mein learned from a loss. Four of his next 6 bouts would be against UFC/DREAM/Strikeforce veterans.

Mein would face one time heavyweight and now multiple weight class entry Joe Riggs at Wreck MMA: "Strong and Proud'. Mein would beat Riggs by tko and adding his biggest name to his resume as of yet. Mein would then step up again MMA 1: The Reckoning against Josh Burkman. Mein would best Burkman by winning a decision over the season four contestant of 'The Ultimate Fighter'.

Mein would then face the most lethal striker of his career at television network turned MMA promoter The Score at 'Score Fighting Series". Mein would face a man who Jason High had lost to, Marius Zaromskis aka 'Whitemare". The fight wasn't spectacular though Zaromskisdid start off the fight with a wheelbarrell kick like Harold Howard had so many years ago. A better game planned Mein didn't egt baited into wild slugfest mode and won a decision over the DREAM welterweight champion.

The hype was too high for Mein to be bound to just Canada and remote US shows that he had to leave regional and go to the 'Big Show". Strikeforce inked aour-fight contract with 'Young Guns' and he was set to debut at Strikeforce World Prix: Barnett vs. Khratonov. His debut opponent was former Strikeforce number one contender and dangerous striker Evangelista Santos.

Mein like Nick Diaz battered the Chute Boxe product but Mein used elbows unlike anyone had seen. Mein used his elbows to force a stoppage, not by cut but by TKO. The odd thing was the TKO wasn't from a ground and pound onslaught but rather standing.

Meinhas now arrived on the big show and has dominated but with his young age and fight experience comes a dark road. Now Mein has actually faced a fighter not much different then he himself.

Joe Riggs is only 29 years old which for  vast majority of combat athletes means he has lots of time to get back on top. Riggs has accumulated 49 fights in 10 years of professional fighting which is a lifetime for a fighter. Riggs has also suffered five knockouts aswell. It would be very unlikely we ever see Riggs crack a top ten rank in any of the divisions he has competed in.

Some need to fight for money, some just can't quit and although Mein is only 21 years old, he has put his body through alot. A career of weight cuts, training, injuries and mounting aches and pains will just continue. Mein has made it to a professional organization in 29 bouts. It is time for Mein to slow down and not fight unless it furthers his career. His body has mileage and the best treatment is taking the foot  a little off the gas. The fights and chances will come whether is be the UFC or Strikeforce but now i hope Mein makes the right choices and continues to grow as a fighter.

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