MMAmania FFB Week 7 Recap - A & B Leagues

Week 7 is just about over, all we got left is a game tonight between the Ravens and Jaguars.


Here is a look at the top 5 fantasy players for this week:


  1. Arian Foster – 45 pts – Puck Head
  2. Drew Brees – 43 pts – Deuce
  3. Demarco Murray – 34 pts – The General
  4. Ben Roethlisberger – 32 pts – mmachamp
  5. Aaron Rodgers – 31 pts – The General


And now onto our weekly matchups:


ViolentMike – 107

Puck Head – 107 (Anquan Boldin)

Rumors are beginning to swirl that Boldin has a bad case of the shits right now.  His status for tonight’s game is uncertain.  You can’t catch the ball with ‘rhea running down your leg.


DetroitDrew – 98

mmachamp – 98* (Ray Rice and Billy Cundif)

Looks like mmachamp is going to win the battle of the .500 teams.  Its gotta really suck to have a losing record.


Deuce – 185*

Ulf Murphy – 100 (MJD)

Ulf just got deuched!!!!!! 


Jay – 81 (Mike Thomas)

Buster Bluth – 56 (Torrey Smith)

If there was a way to score this week so that you both get a loss, I would.  When you win with less than 100 points it shouldn’t even count. 


Dragay – 128*

The General – 118

Dragay pulls off the upset.  Plus these two had a blowjob bet on this matchup.  Time to pay up Geno.


Bjpennfan – 106 (Baltimore Def)

Kevjack – 105

BJ will get this win as long as the Jaguars offense doesn’t explode tonight forcing the Ravens to put up negative fantasy points. .  I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. 



And now a quick update on the B League matchups:


Jerseydevil – 79*

Donkey punch – 69

79 points gets a win?  This is precisely why there is a B League. 


Doonerthesooner – 102* (Anquan Boldin)

David WS – 100

Dooner drops Murray before his breakout game but still escapes with the win


YouveGotGold – 154

OJR – 110 (MJD)

MJD is short.  OJR is short.  That is all.


Magicmike – 147

ANS – 130 (Ed Dickson and Baltimore Def)

This is a good, entertaining fantasy matchup.  Well, the scoring that is, not the smacktalk. I took a look at the matchup screen and all it was was magicmike agreeing with everything ANS said. 

ANS: “I’m going to win, you’re team sucks”. 

MM: “I agree. I hope you win.  I know that I am rooting for you.”

ANS: “I am the greatest FFBer ever and Kevin Kolb is my hero!”

MM: “Yes you are sir.  Let me extend the height of your pedestal for you.  And I think I might be Kevin Kolb for Halloween”

AK:  “+1.  I agree with whatever ANS said”


PhishNation – 58

ClayMMan – 55 (Torrey Smith)

Seriously guys, we might need a D league for some of you schmucks next year.


GriffinFan – 102 (Ray Rice and Billy Cundiff)

Littledemons - 70

The co-managed yet unmanaged Littledemons finally suffers their first loss of the season.  He started LeGarrette Blount and Mohamed Massaquoi…

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