Paulo Filho: 'I'm retiring ... it's over'


Yesterday, news broke that Paulo Filho had been hospitalized due to a Rohypnol addiction. Turns out, Filho says that's not true.

Well...the hospitalized part.

"Ely" says that the man who released that info is a "crazy person and a thief." Not only that, but Filho says that after November, he's done with the sport of MMA.

That's right, he's retiring.

Filho spoke with regarding all of the news surrounding him in the past 24 hours. Filho not only spoke about that, but said he's done after fighting Mamed Khalidov in November.

That is, if he even makes it to that bout in Poland.

"I’m very upset. That’s something people say and give you space to think about drugs and other things. My biggest problem only was medicine (rohypnol). He’s a crazy person. Man, people invented a lot of stuff, and unfortunately I gave them reasons to think that. He said that just to avoid paying what he owns me. I gave him an opportunity and he couldn’t take it. He took my money and I don’t know what he did with that. I just don’t know where’s my money. I have bills to debts to pay and people are charging me. I’m choosing retirement, man… I may fight in November (in Poland) because I already signed the contract, after that I will retire. I don’t want this anymore. I had good and horrible moments. I did what I could, it’s over. I was far from what I could have been, but I’m satisfied. It’s over."

Filho was once considered a top middleweight in the sport of MMA. A BJJ black belt under Carlson Gracie and the one time WEC middleweight champ, Filho has had struggles with addiction that have hindered his progression in MMA.

Filho was a multiple time CBJJ World Champ and ADCC Brazilian Trials Champion in the sport of jiu jitsu. He holds 10 submission wins in his MMA career and even submitted current middleweight UFC title contender Chael Sonnen back in 2007 to defend his WEC belt.

It's hard to say just how successful he would have been in the sport, but it's sad to see him retire after his own demons stifled his MMA career.

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